The Battery (砲台 - ホウダイ (hou-dai, lit. "gun pedestal")) is an indirect unit in Game Boy Wars 1/2/Turbo. Its name in the Trans-BRC translation is "LR-Cannon."


The Battery is the strongest indirect in Game Boy Wars 1/2/Turbo. Not only does it have the same maximum range as the Battleship, but it devastates any land or sea unit it hits as well. Unlike the Artillery, the Battery also devastates foot soldiers--although this isn't cost effective at all to begin with.

The Battery, though, is near-immobile. With only 1 Fuel, the Battery can't enter any Forests or other rough terrain, which removes the possibility of any decent defense boosts except from urban terrain; and it also needs a Supply Truck supporting it to get anywhere. Also, it can't be Loaded directly onto a Lander or Radar Transport Plane. But the transporting problem is fixed by loading the Battery onto the Supply Truck, which can be Loaded onto a Lander or Radar Transport Plane.

Game Boy Wars 1/2/Turbo Statistics

  • Category: Land
  • Cost: 20000G (not deployable)
  • Movement: 1, Vehicle
  • Fuel: 1
  • Weapon 1: Cannon (Range 3-6, 5 ammo)
  • Weapon 2: None
  • Battle
    • Infantry: 95% dealt, 5% taken
    • Mech: 93% dealt, 35% taken from primary
    • Tank A: 87% dealt, 78% taken from primary, 5% taken from secondary
    • Tank B: 97% dealt, 35% taken from primary, 4% taken from secondary
    • Tank Z: 62% dealt, 88% taken from primary, 32% taken from secondary
    • Battery: 45% (this unit)
    • Artillery A: 88% dealt, 42% taken
    • Artillery B: 96% dealt, 42% taken
    • Anti-Air Missile Launcher: 94% dealt
    • Anti-Air Tank: 97% dealt
    • Rocket Launcher: 96% dealt, 13% taken
    • APC: 97% dealt, 5% taken
    • Supply Truck: 99% dealt
    • Fighter A: 5% taken from secondary
    • Fighter B: 4% taken from secondary
    • Bomber: 85% taken
    • Battle Helicopter: 23% taken from primary, 3% taken from secondary
    • Transport Helicopter: 3% taken
    • Battleship: 88% dealt, 64% taken from secondary
    • Aircraft Carrier: 82% dealt
    • Lander: 74% dealt, 15% taken
  • Transport: None


With little question, the Battery resembles the SS-80 Atlas more than any other unit in Nectaris. Unlike the Battery in GBW1/2/Turbo, the SS-80 has no Movement Power, making it require a transport to be placed anywhere away from a Factory, and a Nextor to repair.

Neo Nectaris has a variant in the form of SR-22 AtlasShrugged, which has shorter range and lower attack, but can also attack air units.


SS-80 Atlas

  • Name: SS-80 Atlas (TA-80 Atlas in German version)
  • Neo Nectaris Name: SS-80 Atlas
  • Basic Name: Field Artillery
  • Movement: 0, Vehicle
  • Land ATK: 90
  • Land Range: 2-6
  • Air ATK: -
  • Air Range: -
  • Defense: 20
  • Note: Requires Mule, Whale, Pelican, or Dragon to move from Factory

SR-22 AtlasShrugged

  • Neo Nectaris Name: SR-22 AtlasShrugged
  • Movement: 0, Vehicle
  • Land ATK: 45
  • Land Range: 2-4
  • Air ATK: 40
  • Air Range: 2-4
  • Defense: 20
  • Note: Requires Mule, Whale, Pelican, or Dragon to move from Factory; can attack twice per turn

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