The Battle Car (JP: 戦闘車両 - セントウシャリョウ (sen-tou sha-ryou, meaning "combat vehicle" as it is translated by GBWN); can be shortened to B-Car) is a unit in Game Boy Wars 3.


As it is a car unit, the Battle Car has high Movement Power and is classed under "Unarmored Unit", which means it is immune to Anti-Tank weaponry and resistant to Tank Cannons and Artillery as well. This makes the Battle Car effective against armored units that rely on these weapons, because it has Anti-Tank Missiles itself. Its high Initiative prevents a preemptive strike with direct-fire from most land units or any units that started from a decent distance when moving to attack it.

However, the Battle Car is unarmored, so it suffers defense problems. Although it has the best overall defense power of unarmored units (despite the game saying that its defense power is very low; only the S units and Commando have better), it can still be scratched in counterattack even by the Machine Gun B, and still gets hammered by grenades and gatling guns, respectively held by the Combat Buggy and Anti-Air Tank (both with ironically low defense power for their respective unit types, topping only the Infantry and indirect-fire units respectively). This stings because of the high cost in comparison to other unarmored units, in addition to HP loss making the Battle Car far less of a threat, particularly with the units it can destroy already being limited.

Even though it is a car unit, the Battle Car moves quickly through open praries. Also, like the Combat Buggy, it is capable of moving on mountains, shoals (even without Landers), or rivers. The Battle Car, though, moves more slowly through thick terrain such as forests, and has a very rough time with ruined properties. The Battle Car also has low fuel and primary weapon ammo.

The Battle Car S is obtained by Promoting the Battle Car. While Movement Power and fuel are lower, without higher Initiative or a stronger Anti-Tank weapon, the Battle Car S's defense is higher, and its machine gun is now a gatling gun, which makes it strong against other unarmored units, and able to take on air units to a slight degree as well.

GBW3 Statistics

  • Battle Car
    • Category: Unarmored land unit
    • Cost: 700 Gold + 17 Materials
    • Movement: 7, own Movement Type
    • Weapon 1: Anti-Tank Missile B (2 ammo)
    • Weapon 2: Machine Gun B (9 ammo)
    • Defense
      • Unarmored land unit: 14
      • Armored land unit: 14
      • Air unit: 14
      • Sea unit: 14
      • Submarine: --
    • Fuel: 50
    • Initiative: 21
    • Initiative Cost: 3
    • Transport: None
    • Restoration Type: Land
  • Battle Car S
    • Category: Unarmored land unit
    • Cost: 800 Gold + 19 Materials
    • Movement: 6, own Movement Type
    • Weapon 1: Anti-Tank Missile B (3 ammo)
    • Weapon 2: Gatling Gun B (7 ammo)
    • Defense
      • Unarmored land unit: 17
      • Armored land unit: 17
      • Air unit: 16
      • Sea unit: 17
      • Submarine: --
    • Fuel: 45
    • Initiative: 21
    • Initiative Cost: 3
    • Transport: None
    • Restoration Type: Land

Movement Type

  • Plains - 1
  • Forest - 2
  • Mountain - 4
  • Wasteland - 2
  • Desert - 2
  • River - 3
  • Shoal - 2
  • Damaged property - 4


A similar unit is in Nectaris: the MB-5 Rabbit. It is quite similar to its GBW3 counterpart, minus the various concepts that weren't in Nectaris and the good Movement Type. The MB-5 Rabbit, being a buggy, can move right after attacking if it has any Movement Power unused.

Neo Nectaris's equivalent is the MB-8 Rabbit, which has double the Air Attack.


  • Name: MB-5 Rabbit
  • Neo Nectaris Name: MB-8 Rabbit
  • Movement: 8, Buggy
  • Land ATK: 70
  • Land Range: 1
  • Air ATK: 10 (20 in Neo Nectaris)
  • Air Range: 1
  • Defense: 20

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