The Combat Buggy (JP: コンバットバギー (conbatto bagii)) is a unit in Game Boy Wars 3.


Being a car unit, the Combat Buggy is a fast "Unarmored Unit"; thus Anti-Tank weapons are worthless against it. Unfortunately, the Combat Buggy does poorly against the stronger armored units, lacking any weapon for attacking them and having the lowest defense ratings for any unarmored unit except the Infantry. Fortunately, the Grenade is strong against unarmored land units, making the Combat Buggy useful in combatting Mechs and Battle Cars, both of which are legitimate threats to armored units.

The Combat Buggy, of course, suffers from its low defense, as any weapon that can attack it scratches it. But this isn't a big deal, because the Combat Buggy is fairly inexpensive, which makes it have an easy time being cost effective, as well as not being detrimental when spending on repair jobs (if it survives to get them, of course). It also would not worry about the low defense because its purpose in a developed battle is limited with tanks around, so it is guaranteed to be shielded or used as a meatshield anyway.

Because it is a car unit, the Combat Buggy is slowed down by plains and other terrain. Similar to the Transport Truck, it can move over mountains. But the difference from the Transport Truck is that the Combat Buggy can move over Shoals and Rivers as well, though slowly.

The Combat Buggy has low fuel and ammo. The latter can be exploited because the Combat Buggy uses its Grenade weapon on any land units.

The Combat Buggy S is Promoted from the Combat Buggy. The grenades are traded in for Anti-Tank missiles and the machine gun is stronger but it doesn't have the same attack abilities of the Grenades. Consequently, the Combat Buggy S is far better for handling armored units, in exchange for some of its ability to take on unarmored land units (despite having better defense). The Initiative increase also allows the Combat Buggy S to move one space from a transport or starting position and get a first strike on a unit with less than 20 Initiative; this makes the Combat Buggy S particularly useful when put in a Transport Plane with the intent of crippling or destroying Anti-Air Tanks that prevents a decent en-masse attack from the air force.

GBW3 Statistics

  • Combat Buggy
    • Category: Unarmored land unit
    • Cost: 500 Gold + 16 Materials
    • Movement: 7, own Movement Type
    • Weapon 1: Grenade (2 ammo)
    • Weapon 2: Machine Gun B (5 ammo)
    • Defense
      • Unarmored land unit: 12
      • Armored land unit: 12
      • Air unit: 13
      • Sea unit: 12
      • Submarine: --
    • Fuel: 50
    • Initiative: 22
    • Initiative Cost: 3
    • Transport: None
    • Restoration Type: Land
  • Combat Buggy S
    • Category: Unarmored land unit
    • Cost: 700 Gold + 18 Materials
    • Movement: 7, own Movement Type
    • Weapon 1: Anti-Tank Missile B (3 ammo)
    • Weapon 2: Machine Gun A (7 ammo)
    • Defense
      • Unarmored land unit: 15
      • Armored land unit: 15
      • Air unit: 16
      • Sea unit: 15
      • Submarine: --
    • Fuel: 45
    • Initiative: 25
    • Initiative Cost: 3
    • Transport: None
    • Restoration Type: Land

Movement Type

  • Plains - 1.5
  • Forest - 1.5
  • Mountain - 4
  • Wasteland - 2
  • Desert - 2
  • River - 3
  • Shoal - 3
  • Damaged property - 2


The Nectaris equivalent of the Combat Buggy is most likely the MB-4 Lynx, although it has average Movement Power and Type instead. The MB-4 can move after attacking because it is a buggy, and it also attacks enemy land units from a Range of 2, even directly after moving, which means it can attack without fear of retribution. Because of these two abilities, the MB-4 Lynx can harass weaker and slower land units to no end. However, the MB-4 Lynx, if caught in close-range combat with an enemy land unit, will be pushed around.

There's a similar unit in Nectaris German Version: the MB-7 Flytrap. It is just like the MB-4 Lynx, except instead its heavy damage and range-fire ability is against air units.


MB-4 Lynx

  • Name: MB-4 Lynx
  • Neo Nectaris Name: MB-7 Lynx +
  • Basic Name: Missile Buggy
  • Shifting: 6, Buggy
  • Land ATK: 40
  • Land Range: 2
  • Air ATK: 10 (20 in Neo Nectaris)
  • Air Range: 1
  • Defense: 20
  • Note: Land units can still be attacked directly after Movement

MB-7 Flytrap

  • Name: MB-7 Flytrap
  • Basic Name: Air-Missile Buggy
  • Shifting: 7, Buggy
  • Land ATK: 10
  • Land Range: 1
  • Air ATK: 80
  • Air Range: 2
  • Defense: 20
  • Note: Air units can still be attacked directly after Movement

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