The Constructor (工作車 - コウサクシャ (kou-saku sha, meaning "Construction vehicle" as translated on GBWN)) is a unit in Game Boy Wars 3.


The Constructor is a unit designed for the development of an army's positioning, and thus it isn't designed for battle, although it fares well against some unarmored units.

The Constructor has 3 abilities:

  • Architecture - used to strengthen properties to make them harder to capture and give off more income, and also rebuild properties
  • Establishment - used to set up a Plains, Bridge, or Simple Airport tile
  • Pavement - used to pave a Road; when this command is used instead of Movement, the Constructor can only move on Plains, Forest, and Wasteland; and any tiles it moves on--including the starting tile if it is any of those 3--become Road tiles with the respective costs applying

All 3 of these abilities are covered in Game Boy Wars 3's Beginner Mode, Practice sessions 6 through 10.

Establishment has uses, by altering terrain tiles one at a time. Bridge building allows land units to cross rivers with ease, and turning Forest and Wasteland into Plains increase the amount of room in an area that has plenty of them. Also, the Simple Airport allows air units to refuel and turning a space into one can be handy in an emergency with movement.

Pavement turns terrain into Road, and is especially useful when dealing with Wasteland; rough terrain suddenly becomes easy for even Supply Trucks to move through. Removing Plains this way is also good because their defense boost is minimal to begin with and they slow down unarmored vehicles. But the Constructor has to use this as its first command (in place of Movement), and can only move through terrain it can convert into Road, while having the same Movement Power and Costs on those terrain. Also, this uses up the Constructor's Materials very quickly.

The Constructor is expensive (for an unarmored vehicle), and is also heavily hindered by terrain. These two factors combined make the Constructor hard to deploy to anywhere near the front lines effectively. Of course, by using its Architecture ability on real estate near the Capital, it can make up for this by providing increased income, managing profit as opposed to its costs after as few as about 5 turns.

The Constructor also has low fuel, but it's guaranteed to need resupplying often enough anyway.

GBW3 Statistics

  • Constructor
    • Category: Unarmored land unit
    • Cost: 800 Gold + 20 Materials
    • Movement: 5, Low-Gear Tire
    • Weapon 1: Materials (5 "ammo")
    • Weapon 2: Machine Gun B (7 ammo)
    • Defense
      • Unarmored land unit: 14
      • Armored land unit: 14
      • Air unit: 14
      • Sea unit: 14
      • Submarine: --
    • Fuel: 50
    • Initiative: 12
    • Initiative Cost: 2
    • Transport: None
    • Restoration Type: Constructor

Construction ability costs (Materials "weapon")

  • Architecture
    • Non-ruined property - 1
    • Ruined property - 2
  • Establishment
    • Plains (Forest/Wasteland) - 1
    • Bridge (River) - 2
    • Simple Airport (Plains) - 3
    • Simple Airport (Forest/Wasteland) - 4
  • Pavement
    • Plains - 1 per space
    • Forest/Wasteland - 2 per space

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