The Fortress is a terrain in Super Famicom Wars. It is also a terrain in Advance Wars 2 and Advance Wars Dual Strike, though as a Black Hole invention that is impassible.

Super Famicom Wars

The Fortress in Super Famicom Wars is a powerful terrain. The unit gets a large defense boost, and the terrain itself is easy to traverse. Of course, this terrain is very rare. (There are only 6 Fortresses in the entire game, and 2 pairs of them each share a map.)


  • Defense - 5 Stars
  • Movement Costs
    • Infantry - 1
    • Caterpillar - 1
    • Tire - 1

Advance Wars series

Black Hole Fortresses are structures used for control by Black Hole. They are impossible to traverse, and can't be destroyed map-wise. Of course, there aren't many of them. (Only 2 exist in Advance Wars 2, and 7 are in Advance Wars Dual Strike, including the 2 in the mission "Surrounded", 2 throughout the Survival Modes, and the 2 Black Arcs.)

The 2 Fortresses in Advance Wars 2, as well as the Black Arcs and the one in the Advance Wars Dual Strike mission "Omens and Signs", each come with 1 or 2 Minicannons per corner. The objective in each of the cases involving one of the Fortresses or Black Arcs is to destroy the Minicannons on the Fortress/Black Arc.

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