Jugger's units, which listen to commands which may be recieved corretly or poorly, rely on luck. As with Flak, Jugger's CO Powers reduces the minimum luck damage and increases the maximum luck damage.

Advance Wars Dual Strike

  • Day-To-Day:
    • Luck penalty of 1.5 HPs
    • Maximum luck normally 4.5 HPs (instead of the standard 1 HP), before applying above Luck penalty
  • CO Power: Brute Force
    • Luck penalty increased to 2.5 HPs
    • Maximum luck becomes 8 full HPs, before applying CO Power Luck penalty
  • Super CO Power: Barbaric Blow
    • Luck penalty increased to 4 full HPs
    • Maximum luck becomes 13.5 HPs, before applying Super CO Power Luck penalty


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