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Mister Yamamoto is a CO that has only made an appearance in the Super Famicom Wars. He is the leader of a group of elite forces who have never lost a battle.


Yamamoto's units start with an inherent level 3 rank, which gives all of his units much superior firepower than any other CO, unless their units manage to catch up in level to him.

Super Famicom Wars

  • Day-To-Day:
    • Units start at level 3, which result in his units having 140% ATK and 100% DEF


In comparison to most other COs in Super Famicom Wars, Mister Yamamoto can be considered a handicap CO. Not only does Yamamoto hold higher base ATK power than any other CO to date, but a majority of SFW COs hold no bonuses whatsoever. Because of this, the player who chooses Yamamoto carries a considerable handicap, unless the opponent is also using a handicap CO.

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