Mountain is a type of terrain in all installments of the Nintendo Wars series.


Mountains are in maps for restricting land units. Plenty of land units can't traverse mountains at all, and the few that can move very slowly on them. Of course, mountains provide a large defense boost, which helps since the few units capable of moving on them in the first place have low defense.

Usually, maps full of mountains have plenty of chokepoints, and the low mobility on them make Artillery particularly strong with the terrain to defend them.

The Mountain is noteable for being the only terrain in Game Boy Wars 3 to affect air units' mobility, though only helicopters are hindered, and the Movement Cost is only 1.5. The only other terrain in the entire series that affects air units' mobility aren't possible to traverse with them. Another noteworthy thing is that in Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2, the Mountain terrain is the only one where Mechs are hit with a bigger Movement penalty in snow, in addition to not being traverseable by Infantry that don't have their Movement Power or Type affected.

In addition, in Super Famicom Wars and the Advance Wars series, any Infantry or Mech on a Mountain gains 3 points of Vision, and can use it for scouting.


Famicom Wars

  • Defense boosts
    • Infantry - 50
  • Movement Costs
    • Infantry - 2

Game Boy Wars 1/2/Turbo

  • Defense - 40%
  • Movement Costs
    • Infantry - 2
    • APC - 6

Super Famicom Wars

  • Defense - 4 Stars
  • Movement Costs
    • Infantry - 2
  • Note: any land unit on a Mountain gains a Vision boost of 3 points. (Of course, this terrain can't be traversed by vehicles anyway.)

Game Boy Wars 3

  • Defense boost - 50
  • Movement Costs
  • Terrain altering - immune
  • Notes: Helicopters have a Movement Cost of 3/2 on this terrain. This is the only exception to the normal rule of 1 Movement Cost on all terrain for air units in this game.

Advance Wars series

  • Defense - 4 Stars
  • Movement Costs
    • Infantry
      • Sun - 2
      • Rain - 2
      • Snow - 4
    • Mech
      • Sun - 1
      • Rain - 1
      • Snow - 2
    • Oozium - 1
  • Note: any Infantry or Mech on a Mountain gains a Vision boost of 3 points.

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