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The Oozium is a unit in Advance Wars Dual Strike.

AWDS Statistics

  • Category: Vehicle (but it is really a sludge monster)
  • Cost: 0G (can't be built)
  • Star Value: 3 Stars
  • Vision: 1
  • Movement: 1, Oozium
  • Fuel: Infinite
  • Main Weapon: None
  • Machine Gun: No
  • Battle
    • Infantry: 20% taken
    • Mech: 30% taken from primary, 20% taken from secondary
    • Recon: 20% taken
    • Tank: 20% taken from primary (never used), 20% taken from secondary
    • Medium Tank: 30% taken from primary, 20% taken from secondary
    • Neotank: 35% taken from primary, 20% taken from secondary
    • Megatank: 45% taken from primary, 30% taken from secondary
    • Anti-Air: 30% taken
    • Artillery: 5% taken
    • Rocket Launcher: 15% taken
    • Piperunner: 15% taken
    • Bomber: 35% taken
    • Stealth: 30% taken
    • B-Copter: 25% taken from primary, 20% taken from secondary
    • Battleship: 20% taken
  • Transport: None
  • Special:
    • Swallow - the Oozium can move onto an enemy unit and use the Fire Command when it does; when it does this, the enemy unit is automatically destroyed.
    • Immunity - the Oozium can't be affected by anything outside of combat. This means that explosions, CO Power effects, and properties have no effect. This is both positive and negative.

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