The Super Missile (simply "Missile" in Trans-BRC's translations) is a unit in Game Boy Wars 1/2/Turbo. The Black Bomb is a unit in Advance Wars Dual Strike. The two units are basically nukes.


The Super Missile and Black Bomb, being nukes, can move in and blow up to devastate a group of units. This is good for quickly getting rid of unit clumps, which are common in unit spamming. Of course, the Super Missile (or Black Bomb) is one-shot; upon explosion, it is removed altogether from the roster. In AWDS, using the Explode command doesn't increase the Lost count. This does not apply in GBW1/2/Turbo.

Since the Super Missile is an air unit, only anti-air ordinence can deal effective damage to it. Also, terrain can't stop it. Of course, it can't get defense boosts from terrain and strong anti-air weaponry will wipe it out quickly, but both of these require the Super Missile to be attacked in the first place.


The Super Missile in GBW1/2/Turbo, due to its deployment limits, is rarely seen in most matches unless it is clearly intended for use. Consequently, it is balanced at strongest.

The Black Bomb in Advance Wars Dual Strike, however, is a different story. Despite several weaknesses it has in comparison to the Super Missile, it is considered to be broken. The Black Bomb is much more affordable than the Super Missile, so it is readily available on any maps with a decent air force, and doesn't need to hit many units to be cost effective. In addition, the Black Bomb has 9 Movement Power--allowing it to evade indirect fire and outrun most AA ordinence--and can also be guarded with meatshields--stopping Fighters. While the Black Bomb would have to move out of its protection to perform its job, it is removed from the map upon explosion anyway.


Game Boy Wars 1/2/Turbo (Super Missile)

  • Category: Air
  • Cost: 77000G (not deployable)
  • Movement: 8, Air
  • Fuel: 99, -5
  • Weapon 1: Super Missile (Range 0-3, 1 ammo (only used for Explode command))
  • Weapon 2: None
  • Battle
    • Infantry: 5% taken
    • Mech: 11% taken from secondary
    • Tank A: 3% taken from secondary
    • Tank B: 2% taken from secondary
    • Tank Z: 15% taken from secondary
    • Anti-Air Missile Launcher: 95% taken
    • Anti-Air Tank: 32% taken
    • APC: 2% taken
    • Fighter A: 55% taken from primary, 7% taken from secondary
    • Fighter B: 35% taken from primary, 4% taken from secondary
    • Battle Helicopter: 3% taken from secondary
    • Transport Helicopter: 3% taken
    • Battleship: 45% taken from secondary
    • Aircraft Carrier: 95% taken
    • Lander: 25% taken
  • Transport: None
  • Special:
    • Explode Command - when ordered, all units within range of the Super Missile weapon die automatically, including the Super Missile itself.

Advance Wars Dual Strike (Black Bomb)

  • Category: Plane (though it's a missile)
  • Cost: 25000G
  • Star Value: 0.6 Stars
  • Movement: 9, Air
  • Fuel: 45, -5
  • No weapons
  • Battle
    • Anti-Air: 120% taken
    • Missile Launcher: 120% taken
    • Piperunner: 120% taken
    • Fighter: 120% taken
    • Stealth: 120% taken
    • Cruiser: 120% taken
    • Carrier: 120% taken
  • Transport: None
  • Special:
    • Explode Command - when ordered, the Black Bomb is destroyed (though it doesn't count as a loss) and any units within 3 spaces of the Black Bomb each takes 5 HPs of damage automatically.

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