The Supply Plane (給油機 - キュウユキ (kyuu-yu ki, lit. "Supply of Oil Plane")) is a unit in Game Boy Wars 3.


To stay airborne and survive, air units require fuel to use at the beginning of each turn. Planes, particularly jets, use more fuel to do this. The Supply Plane gives in-flight refuelling to jets besides the Attacker B (a VTOL). This allows the airforce to stay alive in an extended dogfight that has distance from any airports. The Supply Plane also provides ammo, which the Attacker A benefits from because of its low ammo. However, since the Supply Plane doesn't have too many supplies, it would have to stick to refueling as necessary.

The Supply Plane is also plagued with low defense; anti-air attacks turn it into a smoldering ruin in mere seconds. It moves slightly faster than the Transport Plane, but jets still catch up with it without trouble once there is nothing left to protect it.

GBW3 Statistics

  • Supply Plane
    • Category: Air unit
    • Cost: 6000 Gold + 100 Materials
    • Movement: 9, Plane
    • Weapon 1: Supplies (4 "ammo", used on Fighters and Attackers except Attacker B)
    • Weapon 2: None
    • Defense
      • Unarmored land unit: 18
      • Armored land unit: 18
      • Air unit: 18
      • Sea unit: 18
      • Submarine: --
    • Fuel: 99, -4
    • Initiative: 19
    • Initiative Cost: 2
    • Transport: None
    • Restoration Type: Big plane

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