The Transport Plane (輸送機 - ユソウキ (yu-sou ki)) is a unit in the Game Boy Wars branch of the Nintendo Wars series.


The Transport Plane is built to deliver a land force from one location to another, regardless of terrain. This makes air superiority dangerous because the units can be transported over mountains and attack from less well guarded places. However, as it has no weapons, the Transport Plane can be shot down easily when caught.

Game Boy Wars 1/2/Turbo

The Transport Plane in Game Boy Wars 1/2/Turbo is called the Radar Transport Plane, or the "AWACS Spy" in the Trans-BRC translation of installments 2 and Turbo. Although it is deployable in Fog of War, it can easily be considered broken when it is around; the cost is very low, even though any land unit can be Loaded, and terrain won't stop or even hinder the Radar Transport Plane's ability to move, though it can stop the plane from Loading or Unloading units. Also, due to the way Fog works in Game Boy Wars 1/2/Turbo, the Radar Transport Plane's high Movement Power gives off immense intel, making it hard to catch.

Game Boy Wars 3

The Transport Plane in Game Boy Wars 3 is a nerfed, though more deployable, counterpart. Destroying it is easier, because its Movement Power is low in comparison to the other planes, meaning that it can't hope to outrun any of the jets. With only 18 DEF against any units, AA attacks will send it going down in flames in a single attack.

In addition, the Transport Plane can only Load cars, foot soldiers, trucks, and the Constructor. Although this limit may in fact be because of the way unit transportation work in Game Boy Wars 3; the only other units in GBW3 that can allow the way Unloading is handled to be exploited by any non-foot soldier units are the Lander and Aircraft Carriers--both sea units and thus unable to move on land terrain such as mountains and rivers. This fact already throws the Transport Plane's mere concept into questionable balance, since mountains and rivers are designed to slow down or stop land units. (Though any map that is heavy on either or both is probably flawed to begin with, since most vehicles are highly hindered by them and some can't cross either at all.)


Game Boy Wars 1/2/Turbo (Radar Transport Plane)

  • Category: Air
  • Cost: 4000G (only deployable in Fog)
  • Movement: 8, Air
  • Fuel: 99, -5
  • Weapon 1: None
  • Weapon 2: None
  • Battle
    • Infantry: 5% taken
    • Mech: 36% taken from secondary
    • Tank A: 10% taken from secondary
    • Tank B: 6% taken from secondary
    • Tank Z: 35% taken from secondary
    • Anti-Air Missile Launcher: 82% taken
    • Anti-Air Tank: 60% taken
    • APC: 5% taken
    • Fighter A: 85% taken from primary, 15% taken from secondary
    • Fighter B: 65% taken from primary, 12% taken from secondary
    • Battle Helicopter: 5% taken from secondary
    • Transport Helicopter: 4% taken
    • Battleship: 93% taken from secondary
    • Aircraft Carrier: 82% taken
    • Lander: 63% taken
  • Transport: Land unit * 2
  • Notes:
    • The Battery can't be Loaded onto the Radar Transport Plane directly.
    • Loading and Unloading can only be done on Road and Airport.

Game Boy Wars 3

  • Transport Plane
    • Category: Air unit
    • Cost: 5500 Gold + 100 Materials
    • Movement: 8, Plane
    • Weapon 1: None
    • Weapon 2: None
    • Defense
      • Unarmored land unit: 18
      • Armored land unit: 18
      • Air unit: 18
      • Sea unit: 18
      • Submarine: --
    • Fuel: 99, -4
    • Initiative: 21
    • Initiative Cost: 2
    • Transport: Unarmored land unit * 2
    • Restoration Type: Big plane

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