As of December 29th, 2005, there are 91 official Neurotically Yours episodes. They are updated once every two weeks, a fact which is often mentioned in the episodes, or in strange coincidences such as "It takes two weeks for the spell to work." Series, such as Foamy Fan Mail and Foamy's Rant periodically come out of these episodes. Sometimes, a story takes more than one episode to tell, so it's split into several, such as the Hospital series. Other than these occasional strings of episodes, topics are usually random and spontaneous, with new suprises biweekly, ranging anywhere from a time-machine based mail service to a sacred Fomainian Demon-be-Gone ritual.

91. Exotic Chocolates
90. Summoning Santa
89. Bra Bashing
88. Lewd Lingerie
87. Halloween Hoopla
86. Voodeedoo
85. Tech-Support 2
84. Unmentionable Auction
83. Hurricane Report - Katrina
82. Drugs In Your Head
81. Sacred Space
80. Foamy Fan Mail VIII
79. Handmade Clothes
78. Pancake Madness
77. Open-Mic Night II
76. Foamy Fan Mail VII
75. Biggest Fear
74. A Pair Of Pants
73. Channels
72. Yesterday Mail
71. The Hatta'
70. Medicated Baby Heads
69. Foamy's Rant V
68. Inner Demons
67. Paper Back Bust
66. Amplified Bible
65. So I Said To My Doctor
64. No Christmas For You
63. E-Mail Malady
62. Passion Of The Zombies
61. Foamy's Rant IV

60. Amityville Toaster
59. The Jiggly Butt
58. Foamy Fan Mail VI
57. Tech-Support
56. Beginner's Guide To Being A Bitch Hermit
55. Coffee-House Propaganda
54. Cloud Talk
53. Rules for the Masses
52. Squirrel Songs
51. Do's & Don'ts
50. Kavorkian Scarf
49. Hospital Stay
48. Creative Issues
47. Foamy Fan Mail V (Ashes To Ash)
46. Eye Stigmata
45. Foamy's Rant III
44. Card Cult Update
43. Fat-Kins Diet
42. First Meeting Of The Card Cult
41. Sitcom Silliness
40. The Owner
39. Dating Advice
38. Foamy Fan Mail IV (Burn Baby, Burn)
37. Small, Medium, Large
36. Squirrel Banter
35. Suggestion Box
34. Foamy's Card Cult
33. Non-Holiday Special
32. Foamy's Rant II
31. Free Your Mind

30. Elf Dreams
29. Secret Admirer
28. Spell-A-Casters
27. Nuts To You
26. Foamy Fan Mail III (Return To Sender)
25. Open-Mic Night
24. Las Vegas Metal Fest - 2003
23. Foamy's Rant
22. Super-Mystery Cult
21. Meditational Melee
20. The Wallet
19. Gas-E-Pop
18. Foamy Fan Mail II (Postage Due)
17. A Poetic Meal
16. Form Letter
15. 5 More Minutes
14. Hypnotic Foamy
13. Foamy Fan Mail
12. A Musical View
11. The Lollipop
10. Club Advice
9. A Postal Event
8. Almost Serious Suicide
7. Coffee Stop
6. Squirrel Talk
5. Foamy Thoughts
4. Cemetery Flakes
3. Shower Of Terror
2. Pen Of Doom
1. Distractions

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