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Exotic Chocolates

"Chocolate is good."

Episode 91

Germaine gets a box of specialty chocolates from Anchovie.

Cast (in order of appearance): Germaine, Foamy


{A "Warning" label appears.}

The following show contains harsh
language and may contain centain content,
opinions, and/or sexual humor that
might be interpreted by those without
a sense of humor, to be objectionable.
This is recommended for mature viewers...
Meaning folks who can take a joke.

{The view is on Germaine's face.}

Germaine: Hey! That pizza guy {holds up pink, heart-shaped box} sent me a box of chocolates.

Foamy: Nothing's better than free chocolate! {peers into box}

Germaine: I feel kind of bad, though. {Foamy looks at her.} It's like, he sort of has a crush on me.

Foamy: {angrily} He's a stalker. {peers into box again}

Germaine: And he goes through a lot of trouble to win my heart and whatnot, but I really ain't interested.

Foamy: {sarcastically} So sad. Gimmie chocolate! {grabs and eats a chocolate}

Germaine: I've never has these kind before. They're supposed to be some kind of exotic chocolate.

Foamy: Eh, tastes a little funny if you ask me.

Germaine: How so?

Foamy: Eh, can't say for sure. Hold on! I'm thinking.

Germaine: Let me taste one. {grabs and chews a chocolate}

Foamy: Let me see the box. {looks at underside of lid, reading and speaking} An assorted box of exotic chocolates to arouse the beast within. {puts down lid} Um, these are like, chocolates from a sex shop!

{Germaine regurgitates contents of mouth in disgust, groaning}

Foamy: {reading spine of box} Naturally and artificially flavored with the taste of love. I knew it tasted a little "nipplely". What one did you get?

Germaine: Semen flavored, aparantly.

Foamy: Eh, at least you got one with a creamy center. Mine tasted like dried skin with sour milk.

Germaine: Mm, give me another one. {grabs and chews chocolate}

Foamy: You humans will eat just about anything if it's covered in chocolate. Won't you?

Germaine: Chocolate is good.

Foamy: Yeah, okay. {Germaine grabs another chocolate.} Fucking addict!

{Germaine makes chewing noises aloud with the chocolate in her mouth, spraying the creamy center all over herself and the room.}

Germaine: It is good.

Foamy: {groans} Stay away from the ones that say "brownie".

{The Ending screen appears.}

Fun Facts

Real World References

  • Semen is a fluid that contains spermatozoa. It is secreted by the sexual glands of males for fertilization of female ova.

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