"What about this one? It shows your appriciation for giant cats!"

Foamy is Germaine's pet squirrel. He has a habit of talking extremely fast, 50% faster than the average human. Foamy often feels compelled to answer fan mail, most of which are requests to see Germaine naked, which annoys him to no end. Often he rants on people he hates, which is a considerable amount of the population. He is quick to point out others' flaws and the flaws of society, and often annoys others by being skilled at what he does or assuming all things to be the way it used to be, back when he liked it. He's friends with Pillz-E, a highly medicated pill-popper with a lisp, and Begley, a British punk squirrel, often unfamiliar with American customs. Occasionally, Foamy will hang out with The Hatta', an African American squirrel with an intolerant attitude. Foamy commutes in an unexplicable fashion, in that he appears behind various objects and people at random times, and rarely appears to stand. Occasionally, he is known to leap, often doing so without appearing to land. Foamy is somewhat power hungry, and hints at this by signing all of his letters "Your Lord and Master, Foamy", as well as sometimes referring to himself by the title.

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