Preparing to sample some sweets.

Germaine is a slender teenage goth girl. She owns Foamy and is often annoyed by him excessively. She spends almost all of her time with Foamy, which puts her in an ever-sour mood. Germaine appears to live alone and have no source of income, yet she takes care of herself and buys things. Germaine is often harrassed by men, but seems to talk about it happening more than it actually happens, sort of in a form of self-flattery. She spends much of her time at her computer, writing poetry that Foamy doesn't understand. Whenever Germaine goes out, it's usually for a cup of coffee, her favorite drink. She has issues with denial and displacement whenever she gains weight, which really makes Foamy mad, because he's usually the one who has to tell her. Germaine is stalked by Anchovie, a man with many jobs, who floats about, noticing every part of her. She appears to have no friends, so she stay solitary. Germaine absolutely can't stand how porn is the majority of her e-mail, which seems to flow in unabated no matter what she does.

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