Hypnotic Foamy

"I am hypnotizing you!"

Episode 14

Foamy becomes frustrated when his hypnotizing book doesn't work on Germaine.

Cast (in order of appearance): Germaine, Foamy


{Germaine sits reading a book. Foamy enters.}

Foamy: Hey, I've been reading this book, right? It’s like “How to Hypnotize People”, and I think I've completely and totally mastered it... right. So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to hypnotize you. And I’ll get you to do stuff, right... watch. Watch! {in a foreign accent, waving arms at Germaine} I am hypnotizing you! I am hypnotizing you! You will be under my complete control! Because I am hypnotizing you. {eyes grow wider} {squeals} {eyes return to normal} Hypnotized! You are now completely under my control. And you have been completely hypnotized. {eyes grow wider} {squeals} {eyes return to normal} Now you will give me all your money!

Germaine: Nope.

Foamy: {still in forced accent} Give me all your money!

Germaine: Not gonna do it.

Foamy: You are hypnotized and cannot resist!

Germaine: Nuh-uh.

Foamy: {voice returning to normal} I hypnotized you!

Germaine: Nope.

Foamy: {normal voice} Come on! Please? Come on, I really read the book. This has gotta work.

Germaine: You’re out of your mind.

Foamy: {in forced accent} You give me your money... Now!

Germaine: "Moneys" is "mine's".

Foamy: {normal voice} {groans} You know, that fucking book lied to me. This sucks! Fuck it man. Hold on. I’ll be right back. I’ll just get a gun and {offscreen} hold you up at gun point. {Germaine looks up, suprised} It’s a lot easier that way.

{The Ending screen appears.}

Foamy: Nickel trick, my ass.

Easter Eggs

Fun Facts


  • Foamy is trying to force Germaine to give him her money, an act known as extortion.


  • This is the first episode where Germaine speaks.

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