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Pen Of Doom

Germaine gets ready to kill Reading Man.

Episode 2

Germaine knows the pen is mightier than the sword.

Cast (in order of appearance): Reading Man, Germaine


{Reading Man sits reading a book, his finger following where he reads.}

{Germaine peeks her head in from the right. She watches him read, then, with an angry expression, moves off screen.}

{Germaine enters from the right with a pen in her hand.}

{Germaine moves her hand up to the man's head and starts clicking the pen over and over, quickly.}

{Reading Man looks up, slowly, then his head combusts, spraying blood everywhere. Germaine shuts her eyes and clicks slower, then stops.}

{The Ending screen appears.}

Fun Facts


  • The ending screen sound effect is the same as the slapping sound when Germaine smacks Foamy away in Distractions.

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