Mon Calamari NEGAS

A Female Na'arbi

The Na'arbi are a bipedal, amphibious race, the Na'arbi share the same homeworld as the Ximegan. Many xenobiologists believe the Na'arbi are descended from squid, but evolved a more humanoid appearance than the Ximegan. The males have salmon-colored skin, lobed heads, and protruding eyes. The females are more streamlined, with olive-colored markings on their salmon skin. The Na'arbi, as they are often called, are shore-dwellers, land creatures who prefer to to live near the water. Early Na'arbi civlizations fed on the creatures they found in the shallows, and developed an advanced aquaculture system. When they discovered the Ximegan - the other intelligent race on Calamari, who live in the ocean deeps - the two races combined to create a symbiotic society in which both races flourished. Together, they built the huge floating cities that populated Arbi's oceans. Unlike the Ximegan, the Na'arbi desired to travel to the stars, and began experimenting with space flight. Their first starships were quite successful, but their dreams of a peaceful life in space was cut short.

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