Nack the Weasel
Nack the Weasel, also known as Fang the Sniper, is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. He is an expert treasure hunter who is sometimes hired by Dr. Robotnik to get the Chaos Emeralds for him. He is a coward and very clumsy. However, he can use his tail as a spring and is a great marksman. The Archie Comic presents him as much more cunning than his SEGA version, but no longer lets him bounce on his tail. The Fleetway-published Sonic the Comic painted an even darker picture of the character, who was just as cunning as his Archie counterpart and much more merciless, with him betraying everyone he comes across.

Video Game Appearances

  • Sonic Triple Trouble (1994)
  • Sonic Dirft 2 (1995)
  • Sonic The Fighters (1996)

Bio (Do not edit)

  • Species: Anthropomorphic Wolf Weasel
  • Fur Colors: Purple and White
  • Clothing: Brown Hat, Brown Belt, Brown Gloves, Brown Shoes
  • Friends: Dr. Robotnik, the Brotherhood of Metallix
  • Enemies: Sonic, Tails



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