• Pac-Man/Pino as Sonic
  • Susumu/Jr. Pac-Man as Tails
  • Ms. Pac-Man as Amy Rose
  • Acha as Sally
  • Taizo Hori as Knuckles
  • Spooky as Dr. Robotnik
  • Galaxip as Cheese
  • Inky as Rotor
  • Clyde as Big
  • Pinky as Blaze
  • Bosconian Fighter as Shadow
  • Fygar as Silver
  • The Prince as Chris
  • Anna as Helen
  • Ki as Frances
  • Clovis as Jerome Wise
  • Pooka as Chao
  • Blinky as Lindsey Thorndyke
  • Solvalou as Omega
  • Grobda Tank as E-102 Gamma
  • Ishter as Topaz
  • Lumina as Molly
  • Waturu Hoshi as Danny
  • Beraboh Man as Mister Tanaka
  • Galaga Fighter as Hawk
  • Mappy as Nelson Thorndyke
  • Nyamco as Chaos
  • King as Chuck Thorndyke
  • Red Baron as Sam Speed
  • Valkyrie as Blaze
  • Masuyo Toby as Rouge
  • Pink Butterfly as Marine
  • Blue Bee as Froggy
  • Cannon as Espio
  • Chuta Bigbang as Vector
  • Hobblin as Charmy Bee
  • Andor Genesis as Metarex
  • Red Car as Egg Bee
  • Majyo as Metarex Kingape

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