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General Status

Name: Nami Okami

Age: 103 Years in SK

Status: Ghost

Species: Wolf/Human Half-Demon

Position: Legendary Shinobi of Water/Ice

In the story

First appearance: Prologue

Last appearance: N/A

Apprentice: Shinji Aleixi

Reincarnation: Shinji Aleixi

Friends: Yoshiki Kazeda; Kenji; Koruchi; Kaida Kikuchi; Tenri Hoshiko; Raisuke Arashine; Yukimeku Kitsune, Kasumi (deceased)

Enemies: Akiro Kitsune; Sasha; Aki

Love?: Mizu (deceased)

Close Family: Deceased

Clan: Okami, the clan of wolves

Clan Status: Desert Okami clan still exists; Arctic Okami clan is dead

Behind the Name


-Means "Wave"


-Means "Wolf"

-The clan of wolves

-Pronounced Ew-Kuh-Me

Important achievements

-Youngest legendary shinobi at 103; Yoshiki is the second youngest at 109; Everyone else is a couple hundred years older at least

-Defeated Akiro the first time and the second time

-Saved the Desert Okami clan by warning them of oncoming danger


- Nami is a mix of two wolves: an extinct species known as the Hokkaido wolf and an Arctic wolf.

-Wolves are extinct in Japan, however, the two Japanese wolves once lived there- The Hokkaido wolf and the Honshu wolf. That's where the idea of two Okami clans came from.

-The kanji on the infamous portal-shrine is the kanji for Okami.


The Okami clan's symbol, a pure white wolf demon, was Nami's mother. The demon in disguise gave Nami to her half-sister, a human in the clan of wolves, knowing the demon realm was no place for a half-demon child.

It was a believable disguise- except for the ears and uncontrolled powers, Nami and her aunt were a lot alike and almost identical. Her aunt loved Nami as one of their own, but she could not control Nami's demonic abilities. This caused problems in the clan.

Nami never did found out she was really the child of the Okami demon- she believed her aunt and uncle were actually her father and mother for a while.

Finally, Nami's aunt and uncle had their own child, a boy named Touma. Touma and Nami got along well, but Nami's powers were totally out of control and she accidentally broke Touma's arm when he was four.

She was punished badly, but they eventually forgave her for the accident. Nami was slightly shaken- how could these people who called themselves her parents favor her brother in such a way?

Everything might have worked out, but Nami's aunt died the next week. Nami had absolutley nothing to do with it, but the clan members and her uncle began to blame her for it. They called her a murderer and/or a bad omen. A demon sent from hell to kill them all.

Everyone believed that except Nami's two best friends, Mizu and Kasumi. Eventually, Nami's uncle was ordered to kill Nami. He managed to cut her, giving her her scar over her right eye and blinding her in it, but he could not kill her. She killed him out of fear, a sin she always regretted. However, it had been instinctive, not necessarily her fault at all.

She ran away from the village, and Mizu and Kasumi fled with her. Her true mother granted her stronger demon powers and better control, as well as superior hearing, which would come in handy later when Nami went blind in her other eye. She became a strong ninja and was eventually given the mission to kill Akiro, which she did, at the cost of her love Mizu's life.

Kasumi eventually passed away as well. Nami tried to kill Akiro again, but she was killed this time. The rest is history.

Random stuff

Favorite food: Ramen

Least favorite food: She'll eat pretty much anything.

Favorite book genre: Can't read

Favorite music genre: Punk Rock

Languages: Japanese; English

Fluent in English?: Yes

Demon Forms Unlocked

Human: On the new moon

Normal: Yes

True: Yes

Full: Yes

Ultimate: On the full moon

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