Nanny McPhee is the main protagonist in the 2005 film and its sequel, she is a magical nanny based on Nurse Matilda and similar to Mary Poppins from her series, she is played by the screenplay writer Emma Thompson

Counterparts: Nurse Matilda

Mary Poppins
Nanny McPhee Returns

Appearence: A nanny with two warts, snaggle tooth, big nose and other features (beginning)

The same but less features (end)

Goal: To look after naughty children

Allies: Cedric Brown, the Brown children, Aunt Adelaide, Isabel and Rory Green, the Green children, the Gray children, Phil Green (possibly), Sargeant Jeffreys, Mr Edelvice

Enemies: Selma Quickly, Miss Topsey and Miss Turvey, Mr Edelvice (formely)

Fate: Leaves the families (and with Mr Edelvice in the sequel)

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