Naomi's New Shoes is a Keegan episode.


  • When Naomi had just put on her nude tights, she finds that her red high heeled pumps are missing. So Keegan sets out to buy them. But, Koji is on the trail for Naomi's new shoes.


  • Keegan
  • Naomi
  • Koji


Part 1

  • (We see Naomi with her nude tights under her miniskirt)
  • Naomi: How do i look, Keegan?
  • Keegan: Very sexy, mom.
  • Naomi: Those nude tights are perfect for me to go on a picnic.
  • Keegan: Just put on your shoes.
  • Naomi: Okay.
  • (Naomi goes to the closet. Only to find her shoes missing)
  • Naomi: Oh no! My shoes are gone!
  • Keegan: What?!
  • Naomi: Oh well. I had to stay shoeless.
  • Keegan: Don't worry, mom. Start massaging her nyloned feet while i set out to find your new shoes.
  • Naomi: Thank you, Keegan.
  • (Keegan leaves)
  • Naomi: (jumps to her bed) Time to do some foot massaging in my nude tights.
  • (

Part 2

Part 3

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