This is a movie spoof of Disney's Hercules


Napoleon and Lafayette (The AristoCats) as Hercules

Amelia and Abigail (The AristoCats) as Megera

Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland (1951)) as Philocetes

Pteranodon (Fanatsia) as Pegasus

Pongo (101 Dalmatians (1961)) as Zeus

Perdita (101 Dalmatians (1961)) as Hera

Tito (Oliver and Company) as Hermes

Roscoe and DeSoto (Oliver and Company) as Hades

Stegosaurus (Fantasia) as Amphitryon

Diplodocus (Fantasia) as Alcmene

Disney Dogs as Gods


  1. How It All Began
  2. Pongo and Perdita's Baby Shower/ The Arrival of Roscoe and DeSoto
  3. Roscoe and DeSoto's Lair
  4. Napoleon and Lafayette Get Kidnapped
  5. The Trouble With Strength
  6. Go The Distance
  7. Napoleon Lafayette Pteranodon and Pongo Reunited
  8. Napoleon Lafayette and Pteranodon meet the Cheshire Cat
  9. Cheshire Cat's One Last Hope
  10. Napoleon and Lafayette Meet Abigail and Amelia (Part 1, The Battle Against The Lobster Mobster and Da Shrimp)
  11. Napoleon and Lafayette Meet Abigail and Amelia (Part 2)
  12. Napoleon and Lafayette Meet Abigail and Amelia (Part 3, Abigail, Amelia, Roscoe, and DeSoto)
  13. The City of Thebes
  14. The Battle Against The Cauldron Born (Part 1)
  15. The Battle Against The Cauldron Born (Part 2)
  16. The Battle Against The Cauldron Born (Part 3)
  17. Zero to Hero
  18. What are Napoleon and Lafayette's Weaknesses
  19. Not a True Hero Yet
  20. Abigail and Amelia Make Their Moves
  21. Romance in the Air
  22. I Won't Say I'm In Love/Abigail and Amelia Quit/The Cheshire Cat's Big Discovery
  23. Cheshire Cat's Revealation
  24. A Deal is Made
  25. Roscoe and DeSoto Unleash the Titans
  26. Clash of the Titans (Part 1)
  27. Clash of the Titans (Part 2)
  28. Clash of the Titans (Part 3)
  29. Napoleon and Lafayette Save Abigail and Amelia
  30. Napoleon and Lafayette Ascend/A Star is Born
  31. End Credits Part 1 (A Star is Born)
  32. End Credits Part 2

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