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The Napoleonic Wars themselves ranged from 1792 to about 1815 although Napoleon himself was not caught until 1816. This mini wiki is designed not only to cover fiction in the sense of books but also in that of board games, computer games and DVDs/films/TV programmes.

To Do List

  • Create articles for Books eg. Sharpe and Hornblower
  • Create articles for Board Games eg. Risk
  • Create articles for DVDs eg. Master and Commander
  • Create articles for Computer Games eg. Cossacks II and Imperial Glory


  • Create a userbox at
PB Napoleon This user is a member of the Napoleonic Fiction mini wiki.
(Template:User Napoleonic Fiction Wiki)to put on userpages
  • Create some sort of template to put on talk pages to show that that article is owned by this wiki.
  • Advertise this wiki!
  • Add things here

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