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Naruto/Pokemon are parodies with Pokemon sound with scenes from the Naruto serie

Naruto Characters as Pokemon Characters

  • Naruto as Ash (Both are silly, idiotic, and failed their goals at first.)
  • Kurama as Pikachu (Both are the companions of Ash/Naruto.)
  • Hinata as Misty (Both had a ponytail and love Ash/Naruto.)
  • Shikamaru as Brock (Both are the best friends of Ash/Naruto.)
  • Kiba as Tracey (Both wear headbands under their bangs and have an animal companion.)
  • Akamaru as Tracey's Marill
  • Ino as May (Both are good friends with Dawn/Sakura.)
  • Konahamaru as Max (Both are young and intelligent.)
  • Sakura as Dawn (Both are good friends with Ash/Naruto, have similiar history, feminine, and met Paul/Sasuke.)
  • Tenten as Iris (Both are tomboyish.)
  • Lee as Cilan (Both act like girls.)
  • Sai as Drew (Both are the the love interests of May/Ino and insulted them at some point.)
  • Sasuke as Paul (Both are cold-hearted.)
  • Kushina as Delia (Both are the mothers of Ash/Naruto.)
  • Iruka as Professor Oak (Both instruct Ash/Naruto.)

Naruto Characters as Pokemon

  • Naruto as Pikachu
  • Sakura as Jigglypuff
  • Shikamaru as Piplup
  • Hinata as Buneary
  • Ino as Dragonite
  • Gaaraa as Hippowdon
  • Jiraya as  Politoad
  • Choji as  Donphan
  •  Guy as machoke
  • Rock Lee as Machop
  • Tsunade as Nidoqueen
  • Kakashi as Sceptile
  • Orochimaru as Arbok
  • The 4th hokage as Seviper
  • Haku as Lapras
  • Sasuke as Charizard 
  • Itachi as Blastoise
  • TenTen as  Smeargle
  • Kabuto as  Krokorok
  • Konahamaru as pichu

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