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Naruto: Sunaarashi is a collection of fanon short stories based in the Naruto universe. They are set approximately 40 years after the original anime, where the world has changed drastically. The story is written by c4stigator on his blog at GameSpot.

In the first story arc for Sunaarashi, the Chuunin Exams are being held in Konoha. The story begins with Genin squads form the Villages Hidden in the Waterfall and Sandstorm, heading off to Konoha. The Exams start not soon after, and eventually reach a climax with an all-out war breaking out, and the consecutive murders of three village leaders.

Sunaarashi primarily focuses around the ninja from the Sandstorm village, with Ghazael being the main character. Other characters, such as Hinohara play large roles also.

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