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Brashi369's movie-spoof of "Toy Story"


  • Elmo as Woody (both are Main Characters)
  • Big Bird as Buzz Lightyear (both have letter's beging with B)
  • Oscar as Hamm
  • Ernie as Mr. Potato Head
  • Grudgetta as Mrs. Potato Head
  • Rosita as Trixie
  • Telly as Rex
  • Bert as Slinky Dog
  • Prairie Dawn as Jessie
  • Cookie Monster as R.C.
  • Tinky Winky (from Teletubbies) as Flik (cameo) (both has i and k in the middle)
  • Po (from Teletubbies) as Heimlich (cameo) (both are best friends to Tinky Winky and Flik)
  • Ham III (from Space Chimps) as Wheezy (both are best friends to Elmo and Woody)
  • Tom (from Tom & Jerry) as Sarge
  • Tom's Cousins (from Tom & Jerry) as Sarge's Soldiers
  • Snuffy as Lenny (they both end with y)
  • Stan Marsh (from South Park) as Andy
  • Eric Cartman (from South Park) as Sid
  • Angelica Pickles (from Rugrats) as Hannah
  • Chief (from The Fox and The Hound) as Baby Face
  • Marlene (from Penguins of Madagascar) as Legs
  • Alex (from Madagascar) as Hand-In-The-Box (both ends with x)
  • Pumbaa (from The Lion King) as Roller Bob
  • Dumbo as Frog
  • Freddy (from Barnyard) as Jingle Joe
  • Edmond (from Rock A-Doodle) as Ducky
  • Baloo (from The Jungle Book) as Rockmobile
  • Uncle Max (from The Lion King) as Walking Car
  • Nigel (from RiO) as Burned RagDoll
  • Adult Simba (from The Lion King) as Huge Red Pickup Truck Toy
  • Wile.E Coyote and Taz (from Looney Tunes) as Yellow Soldier Toys
  • Marie (from The Aristocats) as Sally Doll
  • Garfield (from Garfield & Friends) as Prospector
  • Toby (from Thomas & Friends) as Bullseye
  • Orson (from Garfield & Friends) as Utility Belt Buzz (AKA Buzz #2)
  • George (from Thomas & Friends) as Evil Emperor Zurg
  • Huxley as Lotso
  • Zoe as Bo Peep
  • Daisy (from Thomas & Friends) as Stretch
  • Bug as Mr. Pricklepants
  • Heimlich (from A Bug's Life) as Bookworm
  • Boots (from Dora the Explorer) as Ken
  • Dora (from Dora the Explorer) as Barbie
  • Isabella (from Phineas & Ferb) as Bonnie
  • Rocket (from Little Einsteins) as Buttercup
  • Linny Tuck and Ming-Ming (from Wonder Pets) as Peas-In-The-Pod
  • Carpet (from Aladdin) as Totoro
  • Rudy (from House of Bachelors) as Chuckles
  • Ed (from Ed Edd n Eddy) as Chatter Telephone
  • Pig as Broken Toy Train
  • Max (from Max & Ruby) as Stuffed Rabbit Doll
  • Wall E (from Wall E) as Rainbow Toy Bird
  • Baby Dinos (from Ice Age 3 Dawn Of The Dinosaurs) as Rainbow Toy Boy Little Robot Toy and Red Little Dinosaur Toy

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