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The Nation Song Contest is broadcasted to all nations via the esctoday forums where the 'nation founders' also submit the votes from their corresponding countries.

List of Nation Founders

Nation Founding Member Debut
Adamsburg Schlagerman1 NSC2
Alinta maomania NSC5
Altharia eltsc NSC6
Andromeda Koynov NSC2
Arjastan TF100 NSC1
Astoria CM-MK NSC3
Begonia pjelacki NSC5
Belvist Bugs Bunny NSC5
Bokia Boyan NSC3
Calypso renzo NSC7
Comino spiluke NSC7
Escotia Moo55 NSC1
Gabriel mackemboi NSC1
Galataland snow_white NSC6
Giggshood giggsan NSC3
Hibernia agentkarl NSC2
Instir Thunderhammer NSC6
LetohOikot ThBkTk NSC7
Liturestia Milo2 NSC7
Lolee Lolii & Lush NSC6
Lost Isle sesmar NSC1
Maccha-Brugia R_sPeEd & Tyten NSC7
Manoma Sunset NSC7
Manotto SuperStarEurope NSC6
Medina toninu1 NSC2
Mountbatten Island ESC Fan UK NSC6
Noizeland soundnoize NSC5
Phinechendza Go Ka NSC5
Reym-L-Dneurb nut NSC1
Romeria Alek NSC4
Rotterdamus Semi_Finalist NSC6
Rupavac MNE NSC7
Saint Joe & Southgulfia kifferjoe NSC7
Saksjaowie misterb NSC3
Salona Boris25 NSC2
Spila Rasho & Draganog NSC2
Sunland sverigeboy NSC6
Tomstria Tom21 NSC1
Ugaly Fearnavigatr NSC4
United States of Carmen Miembro_Fantisima NSC6
Venera gotiniq_1986 NSC3
Xorientia ixic NSC2
Yaponesia Wampire NSC6
{Defunct Nations} { }
Brugia R_sPeEd NSC1
Cicvara Draganog NSC6
Eurora DannyUK NSC1
Isaria minnz NSC1
Maccha-Bently Tyten NSC4
Magna Grecia marais NSC3
Reignland emreign NSC2

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