Kingdom of Parkania - The Kingdom of Parkania was created out of the four duchies of Lake Parkania district out of the Defeci Empire in 2006 AD. The first King of Parkania was King Richard I, formerly Lord Richard Bywater, Duke of Parkania. The other three dukes were Lord William Herman, Duke of Apollonia; Lord David Christians, Duke of Itaska; Lord Frederick-William Holtz, Duke of Warwick; and Lord David Meyers, Duke of Allouez. The War of Independence lasted from 2005 to 2006, which ended with the Battle of Carlton Point. The Parkanian Navy were all privateers that were handed back, after the Defeci left Lake Parkania via Joseph River. The capital is Parkania City.

Defeci Empire - The Defeci Empire was a five-lake empire that expanded into Lake Parkania in the early 1980s. The four Parkanian duchies were created as a buffer against the Republic of Bratio and Republic of Yelake. The Parkanian War lasted from 1991 to 1992, and both republic were pushed to the Yellow Lake and Bratio Lake. The empire left the Lake Parkania region alone for the next 12 years until the new emperor, Emperor George David IX attempted to put his own friends as the Four Dukes and war erupted.

Republic of Bratio - The RoB was a large republic to the north west of Lake Parkania located on Bratio Lake. The Lake harbors a large swamp area on the southern shore, and the city of Bratiano is the captial. The RoB fought a war against the Defeci Empire, and the Bratian Republican Navy was devastated to the degree of only a few patrol vessels survived.

Republic of Yelake - The RoY was a large republic to the west of Lake Parkania located on Yellow Lake. The lake is very deep, but the RoY was defeated in the war against the Defeci. Only two small trawlers were left to the RoY.

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