Origin: Lachmoewe, amb
Date of origin: Unknown
Users: Lachmoewe
this box: v d e

Once Lachmoewe felt like having a 2nd name in the irc network, because someone found out he was a pedo (no further information given). He thought that if he took a different name, they wouldn't notice anything. Deeply thinking he searched for a name. Because he just watched Natural Born Killers, he thought of NaturalBornChiller. This name stayed a few days until the wonder happened:

<amb> NaturalBornChiller morelike NaturalBornRefridgerator
<NaturalBornChiller> :O

He doesn't talk as much as Lachmoewe, usually only one sentence:

<NaturalBornRefridgerator> FUCK MY INET!
* Lachmoewe has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

PS. NaturalBornRefridgerator morelike NaturalBornRefudgenator, amirite?

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