We've Changed Little in the Past 500,000 Years

We humans have evolved over an enormous period of time but only when time is viewed from our limited point of view. The history of mankind is relatively short when one considers it's taken us about 4 billion years, give or take, to reach our current state. In that time, we have evolved through a variety of stages but largely we've been hunter / gatherers sustained by nuts, berries, plants and from time to time meat.

While our early ancestors did not have the science and technology we enjoy and in fact are dependant on in the 21st century, they were well adapted to their diets. And given natural evolution takes place over protracted periods of time, we humans today are essentially the same biological machines.

What the past few hundred years and in particular the 20th century has introduced is mass market food stuffs that our bodies are having a difficult time recognizing as food. It is a result of high levels of highly processed, sugar rich, fat laden, salt laced "good tasting" nutrient deficient foods that we in the developed countries are now burdened with a vast array of disease and illness that would have been largely foreign to our parents- parents at the beginning of the 20th century.

While the West is the first to exhibit and experience the health crisis, other countries are sure to follow as they continue their relentless drive to emulate the West.

A Worrying Trend – Who’s Watching Your Back?

Type II Diabetes, once thought to be the disease of middle age has now gripped our children, mere teenagers and young adults who now suffer in alarming and growing numbers.

Excessive body weight is epidemic affecting over 60% of the population of North America and worse is the high incidence of obesity, which continues to spread.

If you’re 50 you can probably recall a time in your youth when allergies were the exception yet today, schools for example are banning foods that induce allergenic reactions like never before.

Significant numbers of lower and middle income families never achieve balanced diets, event those government recommended minimums.

Frozen and canned vegetables and fruits are shadows of their former selves in terms of nutrient value – are you ready to consume 5-10 times more of the canned goods to equal the fresh variant. Worse, event the fresh foods are substantially down in nutrient values due to over farming in nutrient deficient soils.

Our Medical Systems Are Under Siege

In the West we have recognized the rise in disease and fabricated huge for profit chemical industries who have and continue to develop narrow solutions to treat symptoms while the fundamental root-cause issues of disease. This is not to suggest that there is not a place for the pharmaceutical solutions, for they have truly become miracles of salvation for some.

For the 80% of us who have no fundamental or underlying illness, yet are tired, sick and lack vitality, the drugs are dangerous and in fact may be masking symptoms that can save lives.

It’s entirely likely that were we to simply improve our food choices to ensure nutritionally dense selections, drank adequate clean water, slept well and got a bit of exercise each day we’d feel better, look better and actually be better.

Healthy You Naturally at [1] has spent the past 12 years dealing with the after-effects of poor food, hydration, sleep, streess and lack of exercise in its personal counselling clinic. This Wiki is to expand awareness of the effects of manufactured artificial foods and drugs that our bodies can never recognize as food.

Nourish or Perish - Are We as a Race In Danger of Declining?

It was Aristotle (~400 BC)who said “Let food be your medicine…”, he recognized that the human body has the power to heal itself when it's feed adequate nutrients. Many since have echoed this thought....

The general population appears to be unmoved or concerned, for if they were, a number of publicly traded companies would be very concerned…

In a very short period of time, literally the blink of an eye, we humans have had a high speed change is lifestyles and our body’s ability to cope is now stretched to the point where even our children are at risk…

To be continued…

--Wmclaren 04:55, 21 December 2006 (UTC)

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