NATURAL WAVE Sinan Mansuroğlu

Is the housing of beavors (castors) against nature? No, they are artificial. Artificial doesn’t mean anti-natural. Beavors, like humans, are creating their environment based on the nature.

The architecture appears from the interaction between nature and the livings. The livings transform the natural environment into an artificial environment responding to their attempts. This isn’t mean that they are destroying the nature.

The human beings unprooted themselves from the natural wave by creating the ornementation, the Art-déco. (Cf. Adolf Loos) When the architect started to do formel researchs, he destroyed the nature. By destroying the nature, he destroyed the culture.

The culture is the process of creating this artificial environment by acting on/with/by the nature. The human life want an artifical environment where space and the others are in relation. That artificial environment contents the structural environment and the social sculpture.

In that case, architecture is a product of the culture based on the nature.

We are living in the explosion of the global age. The cultures always developped themselves by exchanging between various cultures. Today we are, in a way, in a succesfull age of the globalization. It tooks an exploited liberty via World Wide Web and telecommunication systems.

The impacts (either negative or positive) of globalization on both cultures is that one specific culture wants to be the only one by destroying the specificity of the others.

There is nothing to do against this global war. But we can discover and established local culture to the global culture. The concrete environment is, and will be, in progress. We can’t stop it. The thing is to save the social sculpture.

The problem with the globalization of that unique culture is that the traditionnal neighborhood relations are shrinking to give their place to this individualist global way of living.

Architects, if they are looking for a piece of positive responsability, can fight against this by creating public spaces. Because public spaces of global age doesn’t means convivial spaces for us.

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