before reading some comments from the, and a little bit afterwards, i have found no other way to describe my attitude towards this project than huge pessimism. when i say that i am naturally borm so, i mean it. i thought: do we, little people rule politics? what changes can be done after so many years and experience in "peace- failiure"? will a conservative muslim meet a religious jew in, let's say, neutral switzerland without having that doubt, or fear of being harmed? i thought that if as a country with so (!) many social splits in it we are not capable of building bridges between the sub-cultures (arab- jews; religious-non religious; religious- gays; oriental-ashkenaz and so forth), how can we change the destiny of our relationship with our neighbors? i have no idea if any of the writers actually writes from his/ her home land (obviously some of the neighbors there are not located in the middle east), however being away from your routs may change the way one feels about things. maybe i should settle in spain, or somewhere, and write from there about how to build a bridge in the middle east. a few days later i realized how narrow minded i am! people obviously talk politics on that blog, however there are so many other subjects to talk about that are mutual to all of us as people who come from different cultures, but yet belong to the same globalized world. and more, the internet is a "technology as a tool" that obviously can bring people closer- among other reasons, due to the anonymity, lack of physical appearance and a-synchronisity (people think before they pull out their answer..).

inshallah my pesimism will be reduced so that i can start being more optimistic about our abilities and possibilities, that if do not exist in "real life", can probably exist on the net.

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