Name: Nautica Munira
Race: Human
Birthplace: Manaan
Residence: A ship named the Deja Vu
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Hobbies: Traveling, practicing lightsaber forms
Affiliation: Knights of the Grey Order (KGO), Republic (formerly)
Side of the Force: Neutral/grey
Occupation: Grey Tyro, Republic pilot (Ensign), former professional swoop racer
Force Affinity: 3

Physical Description

Nautica is five feet, seven inches and is slender with fair skin. She has waist length, blonde semi-curly hair which she either wears in a large braid or ponytail. She has a young, yet serious face with eyes that could almost be called piercing. Her eyes are a hazel-brownish color. Also, she wears a white, long-sleeved v-neck shirt, white pants, a black belt, and black knee-high boots.

Psychological Description

Nautica is forever looking to travel to new places, take risks and take on new challenges. She likes to get things done herself. She is restless, impatient, and active. Also, she isn’t one for making friends quickly, but she is not aloof, just suspicious. Her slight suspicion of others makes her check people out before she decides to engage in any sort of alliance or friendship. Most of the time she is sardonic and sarcastic and rarely likes to reveal her soft side, but when she is fond of someone it’s easy to tell because she is less intense in this way when she’s around them. She’ll try to offset her sardonic nature by joking around, a cover-up for her overall contempt for her life which she views as purposeless and unfulfilling. Also, she doesn’t always take commands well, depending on whether she likes the person who is giving them or not; this comes from her never really having to listen to elders as a child. Another childish tendency of hers is to throw a temper tantrum when she is unhappy or upset. In this respect, she has a lot of growing up to do for are 21-year-old gal. Some things she likes are speedy aircrafts, action and chocolate. Things she dislike are bossy folk and menial tasks.

Favored Force Uses

Nautica uses some telekinesis, Force speed, and a highly untrained, volatile stasis field.


Staff: Nautica’s staff is pretty simple but when used in the right way can be deadly. The grip is made of a thick grey string made of animal hide that is wrapped semi-decoratively around the center of the staff. The blades are made of thick, relatively flat shafts of ebony, pointed on the ends for stabbing. A good whack with the flat side of the staff could easily knock the air out of an unsuspecting foe.

Blaster Pistol: This, too, is simple in design and serves no other purpose than to deliver pure shots of energy.

Lightsaber: Nautica's 'saber is double-bladed and has a deep yellow glow to it. She used her old crystal from her first lightsaber in it. It is simple and it serves its purpose; nothing fancy.


What she lacks in strength she makes up for in precision and finesse. She can definitely take a hit or two and won’t give up a battle easily. Melee combat is her forte.


Things that remind her of her old master or parents either make her drift off into la-la land or anger her. Also tends to be impatient and somewhat contemptuous towards other’s commands.


Nautica was born on Manaan, a place where natives, Sith, and Republic soldiers didn't exactly get along very well, in no small part due to the Neutrality Act. Her father was a pilot who transported shipments of kolto and was killed in a pirate bombardment, and her mother was never around because she, unwillingly, worked on the docks herself, overseeing the ever smooth shipment of kolto. She never got to know her father and basically abhors her mother.

From age four to seven, Nautica was practically raised by a household droid. Her mother cared little about her; Nautica was not exaclty a child that was "planned for." Her mother didn't care where Nautica went with her droid, as long as she was home when she was done working. As a meandering child, she met another young girl named Siobhan. They became friends during their brief childhood on Manaan.

Eventually, Nautica encountered a Jedi Knight by the name of Kae Shokan who was visiting Manaan to try and gain the Republic an edge on Kolto trade. When Kae first met Nautica strolling around the city she could not ignore how evident the Force was within the girl. After little discussion with Nautica's mother, it was decided Nautica would be trained on Coruscant to become a Jedi Guardian and learn to wield a double-bladed lightsaber, a special request made by Nautica herself. Of course, Nautica was pretty bumbed out that her friend Sio wouldn't be able to go with her. She didn't know, though, that Sio would soon follow her to the Jedi academy on Coruscant. She was happy to see a familiar face, even if they wouldn't be able to spend much time together. Their different desires and strengths in the Force would take them in opposite directions.

Even though Nautica was slightly older than Kae preferred, her combat skills developed quickly and became the padawan's strong suit. She learned the makashi and shii-cho forms in her training, makashi her favorite; Nautica liked the elegance and ease of the form.

When Nautica was 17, Kae left her to fight in the Jedi Civil War, leaving the girl with a small family until they could locate her mother. When Nautica learned her master was killed in battle, she was affected greatly. To Nautica, Master Kae was like the mother she never truly had. She never wanted to stay home, so she picked up the games of swoop racing and pazzak. Eventually, Nautica would become one of Coruscant’s best swoop racers and race for a few years, only to find herself bored.

Nautica later learned that her mother had also joined the war effort and was reported MIA, so she stayed with her foster family until she turned 19. That's when she used her life's savings from pazzak and swoop racing to buy a cheap, small old freighter to leave Manaan and go exploring. Rarely visiting her foster family, Nautica still continues to cruise through the galaxy in her little freighter she calls The Evader.

More recently, Nautica has trained at the Aldera Space Academy and has been given the title of Ensign by Lieutenant Commander Torque Hammer. Now, she has met Arik Ungasa and the rest of the KGO and is traveling with them in hopes of furthering her skills as a (Grey) Jedi and becoming a true member some day.


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