The Shadowy Giant

(Originally glove with wires, but changed his weapons many times over the course of his time with the Organization. He has a preference for swords. His original power was shadows, but that too has changed)


Six foot four with short brown hair, and one greyish blue eye, one Sharingan-like eye(purely cosmetic). He wears a pair of glasses to go along with this as well. When not in his Organization coat, wears casual clothes, showing a preference for Sean John clothing.


Before the timeskip, Navix started out as quite a joker, but also quite a gentleman. As time passed, however, he grew a bit more attached to the members--and to his own ideals of how a person should be--and started to become both power hungry and bad-tempered. He's found himself at odds with nearly every member of the Organization, past and present, because of this, but he's managed to reconcile after things nearly hit their breaking point. However, his first relationship with Organization Number X Bexcerac died also due to his tendency to voice his thoughts. In short, he's a brutally honest guy. But nearly everyone who knows him calls him an idiot. However, when he uses his head, he's been shown to be quite intelligent, and those moments aren't rare in the least, though many times he could stand to think a bit more. Aside from that, he also spends much of his time outside and inside the Castle reading. Particularly manga, of which he has extensive knowledge.


Has a tendency to be there too late, say things he regrets, do things he regrets, and succumb to his emotions. Just as well, he's also found himself being taught by various people before the timeskip(and after) in the ways of various things. He has his teacher Anxen to thank for his extreme swordsmanship ability. Also, he's an extremely skilled pilot in just about anything mechanical, yet cannot do something as "mundane" as driving a car. He's also a competent cook, but his knowledge is quite limited. Used to be a well-rounded combatant, but his focus turned more to purely physical damage.

Post Time-Skip

The Phantom Shadow

(Sanzo the Talking Obsidian Sword, and Prajna/Yaksa, the Mastery blades of Rai-Ryu. Power over water, wind, fire, and ice/water(with the help of his swords. If he's permanently stripped of these weapons, he'll lose those powers)

New Appearance

Due to his vampiric evolution, his eyes have become gold. He also gained a scar on his right eye from a nearly fatal blow to his mech while visiting Cosmic-Era Earth(Gundam SEED). Clothing-wise, whenever he's on the job, he wears a mantle(cape) with a hood, and a long non-Org. cloak. His casual dress remains the same.

New Personality

For a while after his travels, which were death-ridden, he was quite sad, which later turned to anger when he was made a prisoner of a man named Antag Gonis. For quite a while, he was quite irritable and revenge-driven, though he's acquired a quite cynical and sarcastic sense of humor. Now, however, he's retained the cynical(at times) humor, but his personality has become far more friendly with those he trusts. With those he doesn't, like a certain Jennette Golder, he shows know qualms about killing or harming in any way to get his point across. Aside from that, he's completely secure in himself after he confessed to his parents about what he's done since he disappeared from Coral Town.


His relationship with his new girlfriend, Lydia, has become quite intimate since they met before the timeskip. After hearing of his possible destiny, where he would become quite cold, she offered to go with him, to ensure that didn't happen. She certainly stopped it at a point, and later helped quell the depths of his rage at a critical point later on after the timeskip. She is the one thing he cares about more than anything else in the universe, and if something were to happen to her, nothing else would matter, no matter what. The only thing that has equal standing with her significance to him are his family back home. That said, he still wouldn't abandon his other friends, of which he has made quite many since his return. Perhaps most significantly, he's befriended many demons from both Hell and the Netherworld, and has gotten involved in their affairs to varying degrees. Another person he holds very dear is Neleo, a prince whose country was destroyed and lost his family. Finally, he is still best friends with Xed, and surprisingly has built up a good friendship with Rixon, and Layax, whom is Lydia's sister, acknowledges him as a future part of the family.


Various demons from Hell (friends, acquaintances. Good friends with Kelly more than anyone)

Durran (Mysterious demon of the Netherworld who he finds he may be working for in the future)

DarkDrium (used to inhabit Lydia's body. He pays visits every now and then)

Xed (Best friend/sister-like figure for him)

Rixon (Good friend. Used to be at odds with him, but is now quite good friends with him)

Layax (Future sister-in-law. Though she dislikes him greatly--and voices this--the two haven't had a fight since he left. However, they have argued, especially after he bought a house for him and Lydia to live in)

Neleo (Good friend of his, sort of a brother to him. Gets quite concerned(and one time got depressed) when something happens to him)

Lydia (Girlfriend/Center of the Universe. The absolute most precious thing he holds in his heart. That said, it doesn't mean he always agrees with her. Arguments between them always end in him being guilt-tripped by her)

Xatricona (Good friend of his. They've had their bad times, but their friendship's been mended. She loves to appear to him unexpectedly and comment on the criminal underworld and galactic news reports he watches)

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