Okae.. If anyone read the last message on this... well I guess they Didn't shut this down? Sorry.. ROFL so I might be updating this again if I dont then ill be at


News Updates and More!




Featured Characters!






Level: 61






Level: 133






Level: 97

If you want your character on this page next week, message me on youtube or on Aim!





Thanks for Your Guy's Patience. I have successfully updated the site.

Added the Bowman Ranking Page, I would like to congratulate Dolob on almost level 200.

Only 2 more levels to go! I've updated all of the characters Picture. I would like to thank

everyone who visit the site! Remember Patch .58 just came out!


--Navy10760 03:18, 18 June 2008 (UTC)

Tespia News

Tespia is Currently offline

I hope everyone had fun during the 3rd Wave of Tests.

Please Remember to Sign Up for the Next Wave of Testing, Next Month

Cya in Tespia!


Maple Global

aticle_new.gif Patch .58

Edit: The patch has been extended for 1 hour. The patch will now conclude at 5:00 am PDT (12:00 pm GMT). We're sorry for the inconvenience


MapleStory will be going through a scheduled Patch on Tuesday, July 8th, 2008.

This one involves the game servers, and it'll last for approximately 6 hours. Hacking attempt error will be fixed.

<MapleStory Patch>

- Server : All Game Servers

- Time : Tuesday, July 8th, 10:00 pm ~ 4:00 am PDT

(Wednesday, July 9th, 5:00 am ~ 11:00 am GMT)

The website will be available during the Patch.

Thank you, and Happy Mapling


Cash Shop



Welcome to the MapleStory Cash Shop! Here I will be talking about Lots of NX That Are Brand New and are used by most of our Players in MapleStory.




Overall Ranking

bbs_ranking_no01.gif FangBlade.gif FangBlade world_bera.gif Warrior.gif Level 200

bbs_ranking_no02.gif Curryishott-1.gif curryishott world_scania.gif Magician.gif Level 200

bbs_ranking_no03.gif Korwyn-1.gif Korwyn world_broa.gif Warrior.gif Level 200

bbs_ranking_no04.gif Novinha-1.gif Novinha world_scania.gif Warrior.gif Level 200

bbs_ranking_no05.gif Starlightzz-1.gif Starlightzz world_bera.gif Magician.gif Level 200


bbs_ranking_no01.gif LightWepon.gif LightWepon world_windia.gif beginner-1.gif Level 118

bbs_ranking_no02.gif Precisly.gif Precisly world_scania.gif beginner-1.gif Level 118

bbs_ranking_no03.gif 0ii0oreo.gif 0ii0oreo world_broa.gif beginner-1.gif Level 107

bbs_ranking_no04.gif Vaffunculo.gif VaffuncuIo world_scania.gif beginner-1.gif Level 101


bbs_ranking_no01.gif FangBlade.gif FangBlade world_bera.gif Warrior.gif Level 200

bbs_ranking_no02.gif Korwyn-1.gif Korwyn world_broa.gif Warrior.gif Level 200

bbs_ranking_no03.gif Novinha-1.gif Novinha world_scania.gif Warrior.gif Level 200

bbs_ranking_no04.gif xUAEx-1.gif xUAEx world_scania.gif Warrior.gif Level 200

bbs_ranking_no05.gif Iphigenia.gif Iphigenia world_scania.gif Warrior.gif Level 197



Dolob.gif Dolob world_bera.gif Bowman-1.gif Level 199


Philzor.gif Philzor world_broa.gif Bowman-1.gif Level 193


Ooll7021oO.gif Oo117021oO world_khaini.gif Bowman-1.gif Level 192


silverbg2.gif silverbg2 world_scania.gif Bowman-1.gif Level 192


AdmiralAdama.gif AdmiralAdama world_scania.gif Bowman-1.gif Level 188


bbs_ranking_no01.gif Diego.gif Diego world_scania.gif Warrior.gif Fame 30000

GM Blog!





We apologize again for the Amount of time spent on the V.56 Patch. So We had 2x Exp/Drop Rate

Events! We hope you guys had fun with all of that, and hope that the next patch and all the others wont take as long... Also I have to say that I love all of the members that were patient and not sending us Tickets about When is the patch going to be ready. Those members were actually temp-banned from the game and forums for 2 days after the .56 Patch was released. We're Sorry.

-MapleStory Team-/Navy

Happy 3rd Anniversary Maple Global!

ct_community_writer_diary.gif Anniversary 2008

Hey Everyone!

Well, it's been a busy few months over here, and we're happy at the response from the community thus far for this year's updates. This month, we've added Showa, and our brand new anniversary events, including the monstrous Big Puff Daddy. For those of you who fought him on Tespia, you might notice a difference, and this is intended. Good Luck!

So, a few updates: We're still looking into Guild Compensation and will announce a resolution when everything is finalized--we haven't forgotten. iTCG Set 3 items and quests are out this month, and you can speak with Corine in NLC for more info.

We've gotten many, many pet idea submissions, and while we're still picking the winner, it's a lot of fun to see some of them. Others disturb us. Greatly. =)

Speaking of pets, we'll be interested to see who gets the Orange Tiger, and the Skunk...

And last, but certainly not least, summer's right around the corner. Now, while we're always excited to see what the response will be to all of our updates, this summer's got us pumped more than usual.

Big things happen in the summer--the best movies come out, no school, concerts, vacations, no school, great weather, the whole nine. So, we're primed to deliver.

You need know only this: it will be awesome. And no, we're not telling you what it is, at least not yet...Stay Tuned!

Till next time...


No Soup For You!

ct_community_writer_diary.gif No Soup For You!


Hey, everyone?

Yesterday, I busted a level 83 character hacking, I just had to tell him,

NO SOUP FOR YOU!! He probably hacked his way to level 83...

Thankfully, we have our faithful, trustworthy users that report us of anyone and everyone that use hacking tools, so if you?re using it, don?t think you can get away from us! You may get away today, you may get away tomorrow, but ultimately it is your time you are wasting as you will be banned. Oh, and just so you know, once you get busted, you won?t get your account back! It is permanently banned.

Hacking is so pathetic. You get no respect from the community and you tarnish the image of your character. In our opinion, hackers really ruin the community.

(Phew, I had to blow off some steam here)

But you know, I just love our Maplers here, the overwhelming majority of the users that just play the game right. I can?t thank you Maplers enough for helping us keep this game clean. You guys are the best!


GM Info


The GM-job itself doesn't make you a GM.

A special flag that only can be set by a GA makes you a GM. GA and GM.

GM's Do Not Take care of Customer Support!



A GM with just the flag is a fully GM, just without the special "GM skillbooks".

So basically a level 1 Beginner that you can -->click<--can be a GM.

The flag denies other players to check your personal info, "/find", chat-invite and whisper you.

Not always. Kahlua seems to have a level 1 beginner.


The flag allows your char. to equip everything, no matter what it usually would requie, chat in blue, write Map/World-Wide Notices, block people from the game and use the "/map"-command.

Shugi said: Wouldn't we all like that =P

In the beta, there even was no GM-job yet!


Only with the skill "Hide", that was introduced to GMS in the after-beta time, a GM is able to get invisible.

To get the GM-job, if you have the flag, you have to go to a special GM map, using the "/map"-command ["/map 180000000"], and talk to the NPC NimaKIN.


It completely doesn't depend on what stats [lvl, ability/skill points] a GM has. The other NPC on the GM map, KIN, gives out free lvls. The GM Invincible Hat gives them max on all abilities, so with lvl 1 they are as strong as on lvl 200. The other two parts of the GM outfit, the Wizet Plain Suit and it's Pants give no stats. All the skills of the GM skillbooks have a master-lvl of 1, but are as good/even better than the usual maxed ones.

kin.png WizetHat.png WizetClothes.png WizetClothe.png

The GM Sign pops-up if at least one of these three parts of the GM outfit is equipped. The weapon, Wizet Secret Agent Suitcase, has a max. w.Att of 200, but no GM Sign effect.



GA = GameAdmin [Doesn't come ingame]. These guys are the ones can do real changes to the game, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY FOR YOU to contact them directly. The guys you're writing the Email of Inquiries to are the ones from the website Staff, not the GAs too.

GM skillbooks = 500 [Admin. Skill Book (Normal)] and 510 [Admin. Skill Book (Super)]

skillbook = All a job has to offer =]

"/map"-command = Allows your char. to go to every map, just by entering it's Map ID

GM map = A map only for GMs. It's called "Ellinia" and is completely white with invisible platforms and ladder/ropes. There are two NPCs called KIN and NimaKIN, looking like the common Maple Administrator NPC.




No Important Notices at this Moment

Sugar Rush


Testers Are Selected!

Check the Site if You are one of the Lucky Ones!

Beta Is Now Open! -If your having issues try re-downloading the installer!


Welcome to the Sugar Rush beta website!

The first external beta phase will begin tomorrow June 19th at 2pm PDT.

Go ahead and download the client now however you will not be able to use it until the beta officially opens tomorrow.

We will have the beta servers open at the following times!

Thursday 2pm to 9pm (June 19th)

Friday 3pm to 10pm (June 20th)

Saturday - Sunday 10am to 10pm (June 21st ~ June 22nd)

Monday to Wednesday 10am to 3pm (June 23rd ~ June 25th)

We will be closing this phase of beta June 25th at 3pm.

Welcome aboard!

-The Sugar Rush Team-

Sugar Rush Website

Combat Arms!


We the Nexon Team are extremely excited about our New Game Combat Arms.

As a lot of you know that we have had Closed Beta which was given only to Members

that had a beta key. But now we are taking Combat Arms to a whole new level!

Our brand new Open Beta is open to anyone with a Nexon account, Just Download

the client on our website and Just Have Fun!

Please Remember to Report any bugs in-game, We also added a new game mode

and a new map! We are currently trying to test our Clan System and New Game Mode

so please report anything that goes wrong with that.

Hope You Guys Have Fun



Okae So I've been getting thousands of emails about pasting a video. Please do not send anymore if Your going to say copy the EMBED Code or Link because it does not work just wasting space in my email

If anyone knows how to paste a video on Here Please PM Me on Youtube or by Email!


Youtube Video's Will Be added.

Please Send a Message to me on Youtube if you want your video shown on Here!



MapleStory Download Links Comming Soon.



Welcome to Navy10760's CustomerSupport.gif

Security.gif Click Here to Learn About MapleStory's Security

UserAbuse.gif Report User Abuse Here!

Faq.gif FAQ About Nexon

Test Section

Here the MapleGlobal Team Tests New Content Buttons and much more. Please Don't Expect anything to work here.

0ii0oreo.gif Precisly.gif xUAEx.gif Iphigina.gif Bowman.gif Beginner.gif Thief.gif Warrior.gif Magician.gif FangBlade.gif Novinha.gif Starlightzz.gif


Tiger NPC..


Maple Danaz




Copyrights: Nexon, Wizet, Navy10760 ALL RIGHTS RESERVERD

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