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Tittenhurst Park (London Rd, Sunninghill)

John Lennon bought this mansion, which is located in 72 acres of private parkland, for 145,000 pounds. The video for Imagine was filmed here. The mansion was later featured in Marc Bolan’s movie Born to Boogie (which was produced by Ringo Star)

The cover of the Oasis album Be Here Now was shot at at Stocks Hotel Golf and Country Club, which was apparently chosen because it resembles Tittenhurst.

Friar Park, Henley-on-Thames


This grand old building was in use as a convent until 1969. George Harrison bought it in January 1970. The mansion has 30 rooms and a ballroom, which Harrison converted into a studio, where he recorded the albums Dark Horse, George Harrison and 33 1/3. The building was featured on several of Harrison’s album covers and in videos.

Redlands, West Withering

Keith Richards moved into this manor house (which he bought for 20,000 pounds) in April 1966. It became notorious as the house where Richards and Jagger were arrested in February 1967, at the end of a party thrown with the specific intention of introducing Jagger to LSD for the first time (with some success).

Film maker Kenneth Anger stayed with Richards for some months in 1969. The house was seriously damaged by fire in July 1973. Redlands is located about 1 1/2 hours south west of London.

Cotchford Farm, Hartfield, Sussex

Brian Jones moved here just after he was fired from the Rolling Stones. He was in the process of renovating it when he drowned in the swimming pool under mysterious circumstances (possibly involving a dispute with the workmen). The farmhouse was once owned by A.A. Milne and was the model for the house at Pooh Corner

David Bowie’s Flat, Haddon Hall (Flat 7, 42 Southend Rd, Beckenham, Kent)

Bowie moved here with his wife Angie in October 1969. Tony Visconti shared one of the rooms. Bowie ran the "Growth Arts Lab" in a back room of the Three Tuns pub, (Beckenham High St, Beckenham, Kent). He ran a successful Free Concert (which included Strawbs and John Peel) at the Croydon Road Recreation Ground

Steve Harley (real name Steven Nice) also worked at the Arts Lab. Harley had a big hit record with Cockney Rebel in 1974 with the song Come up and See Me, Make me Smile

Canvey Island

The Island was home to Dr Feelgood, Sunscreem, and Alison Moyet (born on Runnymede Road). The Dr.Feelgood Music Bar (21 Knightswick Road) was opened by the lead singer of Dr Feelgood and is located in an old pub where many of the local musicians had their first gigs.

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