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Ian Brown and John Squire’s Childhood Homes (Sylvan Ave, Sale)

Ian Brown and John Squire (singer and guitarist of the Stone Roses) met in 1967 - they lived two doors apart in Sylvan Avenue in Sale, a small town near Manchester.

The boys went to the same Grammar school in Altrincham, and then both of them attended South Trafford College. The Bee Gees also used to live on Sylvan Avenue (before they emigrated to Bribie Island in Australia). Ian Brown now lives in Lymm just outside Manchester (though he also has houses in Hale and Timperley)

The Gallagher Brothers Childhood Home (2 Sandycroft Street, Longsight)

Noel and Liam were born and raised here. Later on they moved to Manchester, to a house right beside the Manchester City football ground.

Strawberry Studios (3 Waterloo Rd Stockport, Cheshire)

The studios (which are located 10 miles south of Manchester) were set up by Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman in 1968. The studios were, in part, funded by the hit songs that Gouldman had written for Herman’s Hermits (No Milk Today), and the Yardbirds (For Your Love).

Stewart and Gouldman later became the creative core of 10CC, and recorded their biggest hits in the 70s at these studios, including Oh Donna, Rubber Bullets and I’m Not In Love.

Other bands that have recorded at the studios include Joy Division (who recorded their first album Unknown Pleasures in April 1979), the Smiths (who recorded their first single, Hand in Glove here), the Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays. The studio was closed in 1991.

Ian Curtis’ House (77 Barton Street, Macclesfield)

Ian Curtis (singer with Joy Division) lived here with his wife Debbie, until he took his own life in May 1980, shortly before a scheduled US tour. He is commemorated with a headsone in Macclesfield Crematorium (Prestbury Rd).

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