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Fame Studios (603 E Avalon Ave, Muscle Shoals)

Rick Hall’s Fame Studio was an enigma: it was the main rival to Memphis for its house band, a very tight and funky R&B unit. What tended to surprise people was that they were all white. Wilson Picket, Arethra Franklin both recorded here, but after Dr King was assassinated in nearby Memphis, racial relations in the region were never quite as relaxed again, and the studio became mainly used by the big rock acts of the day.

In 1969, a splinter group of musicians founded Muscle Shoals Sound Studios (3614 Jackson Highway), which managed to attract such luminaries as the Rolling Stones (who recorded Brown Sugar and Wild Horses here), Paul Simon, Cher and Rod Stewart. The studio moved to 1000 Alabama Avenue in 1978.


Elvis Presley’s Birthplace (306 Elvis Presley Drive, Tupelo)

Located about 60 miles from Memphis. The small 2 room wooden bungalow was built by Vernon Presley at a cost of $180. Vernon and Gladys Presley had twins - Elvis Aaron and Jesse Garon - who were born on Jan 8 1935. However, Jesse was stillborn. When Elvis was 13, he moved with his family to Memphis.

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