Nebulon-class Star Destroyer

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New Ship

Manufacturer=Lightning Industries

Make=Nebulon-class Star Destroyer

Funcion=Capital Ship

Size=2,000M x Uknown(never measuered)


Hyperdrive=0.6 Class

Crew=25,000 normal crew, 5,000 droids, 1,000 pilots, 10,000 troops

Armorment=2 Adv Heavy TurboLasers, 8 Heavy turbo Lasers turets, 2 Heavy IonCannons, 6 Medium quaad turbolasers, 84 point defence lasers, 8 proton torpedo tubes, 5 tractor beam projectors


Starfighter compliment=120 V-wings, 60 XJ X-wings 120 Jedi Interceptors, 30 ARC-170 fighters, 120 V-19 turents, 48 TIE-XP, 20 Theta-class Shuttles

Consumables=5 years food(w/passengers), water reused but before reusing, 1 mounth

Passengers=up to 7,000

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