A war like race, even more so then the orcs ever were. The nechetta lifespan averages 50-80 years, the reason behind this average number is because they keep dying in war. Their oldest known members have gotten to be up to a hundred and fifty before dying. Their short lifespan has made them desire glory, and battle was the easiest way to that.

Physical Features

They have no magical capabilities at all, and as such are very big. At an average height of eight feet, they are the tallest sentient race to achieve a major standpoint. Their skin is an odd shade of reddish-gray with very thick layers. It retains an unexpected smooth quality, and their race is equipped with tusks growing out of their shoulders in various directions. It makes proper shoulder armor hard to find for them, but the spikes are very dangerous. Their eye color and hair color varies heavily like humans, and there is no specifics. They can usually be found heavily tattooed due to a cultural aspect.

Male vs. Female

The Nechetta sexes are very hard to determine. Both genders are very large, and there is no difference in the average height of either. The only noticeable difference is the females possess nipples and normal female genitalia, where as males chests are pure skin and they posses what the males of every race do.


As a war society they share the tribal aspect only because they need to set up quick bases here and there. Their actual cities are usually just war factories, as the Nechetta are very fond of advanced technology, contrary to popular belief of brawn subtracts from brains, the Nechetta are highly intelligent.


Short, often using one syllable no matter which way necessary. Varying from heavy vowel sounds to consonant strings as long as it can be said quick and loud in battle. Any words with longer syllables are general conversation words, this makes their idle conversation at home very long and drawn out, but when discussing battle their sentences become extremely short.


Their clothing consists of anything that can armor them, preferably red painted. Their entire culture cannot use magic, so they rely on technology and heavy plate armor.

Religious beliefs

They had not discovered religion before contact with the Dael, and immediately took to worship of the war god, but distorting the original image of him. Instead of a nameless spirit they named him “Narth” and do not offer him peaceful objects, but large sacrifices of blood from spoils of war.

Social structure

Nechetta culture is warlike, and as such it’s entire system is like that of an army. The king is chosen by warrior skill, and as such can be disputed by any warrior in a duel to the death. The females cannot be made queen even though there is little difference between both sexes, this is explained in their history.


Nechetta names are only two words. Their name, and their empire/faction/tribe. They do not use bloodlines as part of their culture.
Ex: Krak Ol (this is a name for a nechetta named Krak belonging to the Ol tribe.)

Racial Powers

  • They can regenerate entire limbs overnight and mild gashes will heal while on the battlefield, plus their tough skin makes them hard to damage physically.
  • Elementally resistant, fire and ice have a hard time affecting them through their tough skin. For magical assaults only pure force can really damage them.

Racial Weaknesses

  • Nechetta have a hard time handling small objects, but their ingenuity has driven them to make all things bigger instead. Thus their guns are almost unwieldable by any smaller race.
  • They cannot swim very well, their tougher bodies have high densities as a result of their regeneration abilities. Their race learns to swim short distances, but too far from shore will be the death of them
  • Slow reproductive rate, the race has low population and have a hard time keeping alive with their war tendencies.
  • Completely unable to wield any form of magic, and highly vulnerable to it. A mages simple fireball could severely burn them.
  • Need a lot of food to maintain life, as well as sleep. They sleep for twelve hours each day, this heavily limits their productivity.
  • Limited vision in darkness, preventing them from acting well at night.


Resembling the orcs, the Nechetta are quick to build rough structures with the intention of quick set up bases. However their actual cities rival elven architecture in standard. Beautiful and massive cities that hide their warrior tendencies

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