Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide/Angelea's Declassified School Surivial Guide

Cast lists

Version 1 (by Liberty.lim)

Attention niels epting WARNING: Do NOT edit or otherwise alter: Edit YOUR cast list ONLY. (See SP:CAST)

  • Devon Werkheiser as Ned Bigby
  • Lindsey Shaw as Mose
  • Daniel Curtis Lee as Cookie
  • Michelle Kim as Evelyn Kwong
  • Rob Pinkston as Coconut Head
  • Kyle Swann as Billy Loomer
  • Anglea Walsh as Herself
  • Jun Hamada as Himself
  • Eiji Domatsuri as Kenneth Lim
  • Ayumi Yamashita as Bethany Nguyen
  • Yumi Saito as Abigail Nguyen
  • Yuki Imai as Cassidy
  • Adam Kinoshita as Adam Bergo
  • Tetsu Yamada as William Ho
  • Aaron Aquino as Robinson Rou & Nicholef Rou
Recurring cast
  • Amy Smith as Casey Hopelian
  • Ayumi Smith as Elizabeth An To
  • Makito Yamada as Daisuke Takahashi

Version 2

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