Board Games

Mr Men Shopping Game 2-4 Players-£20.00+£5.00

Mr Men Shopping Game is a board game for children 3 years and up due to small parts. This is different to the 1978 game.

The set includes Shopping Board, 4 moulded figures, 7 Bus Cards, 48 Shopping Cards and Dice and Cup. There are 62 pieces to this game


1. Mr Tickle, Mr Bump, Mr Silly and Mr Funny all want to go shopping. Which character is which? Mr Tickle has long arms, Mr Bump is blue with bandages, Mr Silly is brown with a red hat and Mr Funny is green with a blue hat and daisy. Unfold the board and at the top have the four names and the four houses. Place the four counters on the right names.

2. Place your bus stop cards on the sign saying Bus Stop and your shopping cards on the Tennis Court sign.

3. To play roll the dice, the youngest rolls first and the oldest rolls last. The person with the highest score goes last (isn't that silly) and the person with the lowest score goes first (that's funny)

4. The first player rolls the dice, which ever number they roll they take that number of steps, if they land on a shop step they take one shopping card from the court and if they land on a Bus Stop step they take a Bus Stop Card and go to the shop it says then they take a shopping card from the pack. If the player lands on any other instruction step they must do what it says. Then the player puts the card by his character's house.

5. As Mr Bump is one of the main characters in the game, to make him feel at home there is a BUMP rule, if a player lands on a step where another already is the previous player on that step gets bumped back three spaces. If they land on a rule square, they cannot do what it says.

6. The player who is closest to finish must roll the correct number to finish. Once one player finishes or once all the shopping cards are gone all the players come back and count their cards. Whoever has the most money (not cards) wins. If you finish first that doesn't always mean you win (doesn't that tickle you?)

Western Train Chase (board game)-£10.00+£4.50

Western Train Chase is a board game designed for children 3 years and up. You can play this on your own.

This set includes Rex, Woody, Jessie, Buzz, Bullseye and Hamm moulded pieces, Western Train (in 2 pieces), Board and Dice and Cup. There are 11 pieces in total.

Hamm is trying to reach his enemies before the Western Train which has lost it's carriages with Woody and his friends. You can send the Western Train first and then Hamm. There are no snakes or ladders on this game and the first to 100 wins. If the Western Train wins it can take it's friends and carriages back, if Hamm wins he knocks the good guys out. Try and let the Western Train win and then you can save the day.

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