June: Leo, Are you sure is the prank is funny.

Leo: Of course June, Mickey Mouse is being prank.

(Mickey Mouse slips on a banana peel.)

Mickey Mouse: Whoaaaaaaa!

(Quick Draw McGraw poke June's Arm with a needle)

June: Ouch, Quick Draw, Why did you do that for.

Quick Draw McGraw: Sorry June.

Mickey Mouse: Leo, Try to tickle June.

Leo: OK, Mickey.

(Leo feels June's tummy)

June: Umm, What are you doing.

Leo: Feeling your tummy.

June: Am I Pregnant, (giggling) Stop it, That's Tickles.

(Leo stared at the camera)

Yogi Bear: Leo, Have you ever seen a bear.

Leo: Yes.

(June's tummy gurgles six times)

June: Just my tummy growl.


June: Look at my tummy, Leo.

Leo: What happen to your tummy.

(June clutches her tummy)

June: Leo, I'm pregnant.

Leo: June, I got a glass of water.

June: Umm... The baby kick.

Quick Draw McGraw: Huh.

(Quick Draw McGraw listen June's tummy and the baby kicking)

Leo: June, I Know what i'll do, in the labor.

Quick Draw McGraw: Leo, June was pregnant.

Leo: Push, June, Push.

(Quick Draw McGraw gets out of her womb he got a baby boy)

Quick Draw McGraw: It's a boy.

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