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Neighbours: The Abridged Series is a comedy series which proceeds to make fun of a variety of different people, places, TV shows and various other media through different techniques (the most obvious is the cast of characters who are all based on real life characters - who are only slightly turned from their normal selfs to reflect something else. An obvious example is the character Chelsea - based on a real life girl who acts like a child with disabilities, despite a lack of. This is represented in the series by her inability to say any real words - outside of a limited dictionary).

The episodes dip from popular to only moderately popular. The most popular episodes make fun of popular films and TV series (such as X-Men and Star Wars).


There is no strict storyline to the story. See episodes and profiles for details.


The cast of characters are all based around real life people - each one attending, or is a teacher at, 'The National School' in Hucknall, or 'JS' School of Dancing'.

There are also cases where a character is introduced mid-series, but only appears as a guest character (for example, the character Rebecca Peck during series one. She is talked about in Episode 6, making her first appearance in Episode 7, before leaving in Episode 10, despite still being talked about until Episode 16). Despite appearing only slightly less than character Chelsea, she is listed as Guest Character due to not having been given her own house.

Theme Song

The theme song has never been played during any of the episodes, but is said to play at certain parts.

For example, the theme song plays during Episode 1 after the introduction, and is interrupted at the very end by Anna screaming "Shatup!" The song lyrics have never been displayed however, and the words "Neighbours Theme" are simply used, so it is assumed to be no difference.

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