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Note: I've started some new casts from scratch. DO NOT EDIT ANY OF THEM OR YOU WILL BE BLOCKED AND I REALLY MEAN IT,... but to my Thomas/Rayman Parody cast, you can add. Please remember, if you edit, add, or delete any of the casts, you will get blocked!

My Thomas/The Little Engine That Could Parody cast

  • Emily as Tillie (Emily and Tillie are both beautiful)
  • Percy as Chip (Percy and Chip are both youngest)
  • Molly as Georgia
  • BoCo as Farnsworth (BoCo and Farnsworth are both diesels)
  • Gordon as Pete (Gordon and Pete are both big steam engines)
  • Duck as Jebediah (Jebediah's voice suits Duck)
  • Edward as Doc
  • Cranky as Tower (Cranky and Tower are both tall)
  • Stepney as Eric
  • Elizabeth as Jill
  • Thomas as Rollo the Clown (Thomas and Rollo the Clown are both leaders)
  • Mavis as Grumpella
  • Trevor as Chippers the Toy Monkey
  • Donald and Douglas as The Giraffes
  • Toby as Purky the Baby Elaphant
  • James as Handy Pandy
  • Oliver as Strech
  • Rosie as Missy
  • Duke, Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Duncan, Mighty Mac and Freddie as Toy Soldiers/Teddy Bears/Cake-Carrying Mice
  • Diesel as The Big Wolf (Diesel and The Big Wolf are both scary)
  • Rusty as The Little Wolf (both are small and friendly)
  • George as The Eagle (The Eagle's voice suits Geroge)
  • The Voice Inside The Cave as Himself

My Thomas/Sonic SatAM Parody cast

  • Thomas as Sonic
  • Percy as Tails
  • James as Antoine
  • Henry as Rotor
  • Emily as Princess Sally
  • Molly as Bunnie
  • Edward as Uncle Chuck
  • Oliver as Griff
  • Toad as The Warthog
  • Mavis as Dulcy
  • Murdoch as King Acorn
  • Gordon as Ari
  • Trevor as Young Sonic
  • Caroline as Young Sally
  • Smudger as Naugus
  • Diesel 10 SatAM Robotnik
  • Diesel as Snivley
  • Evil Diesels as Robots

My Thomas/Rayman Parody cast

  • Thomas as Rayman
  • Emily as Ly the Fairy
  • Edward as Globox
  • Henry as Clark
  • Stanley as Polokus
  • Molly as Uglette
  • Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, Percy, and Trevor as the Globox Children
  • Diesel as Admiral Razorbeard
  • S.C.Ruffey as Ninjaws
  • George as Jano
  • Dennis as Admiral Razorbeard's Lackey
  • Troublesome Trucks as the Rabbids
  • Bulgy as the Zombie Chickens
  • Splatter as Axel
  • Dodge as Foutch
  • Toby as Murfy
  • Tillie (from The Little Engine That Could) as Carmen the Whale
  • Smudger as Andre
  • Diesel 10 as Mr. Dark
  • Narrow Gauge Coaches as the Teensies
  • Oliver as the Magican
  • Belle as Betilla
  • Rosie as Tily
  • Daisy as Razorwife
  • Spencer as Henchman 800
  • Duncan as Hunchmen 1000
  • Georgia (from The Little Engine That Could) as Globette
  • Lady as Bembette (Globox's Daughter)
  • Stepney as Tarayzan
  • Duck as Joe
  • Gordon as the Musician
  • Boco as Photographer
  • Donald, Douglas, and Whiff as the Three Doctors
  • James as Cookie
  • Salty as LacMac
  • Madge as Betina
  • Caroline as Flips
  • Elizabeth as Space Mama
  • Bulstrode as Grolem 13
  • Hector as Umber
  • Evil Thomas as Dark Rayman
  • Evil Edward as Dark Globox
  • Max as Earring Pirate
  • Monty as Bomb Pirate
  • Dart as Adult Moskito
  • Den as Mr. Sax
  • Paxton as Mr. Stone
  • Norman as Mr. Skops
  • Daisy as Begoniax
  • Cerebus as Reflux the Knaaren (Both strong and evil)
  • Bertram as Razoff (Spencer is a villain from Hero Of The Rails)
  • Narrow Gauge Trucks as The Black Lums
  • Season 1 Trucks as The Robot Pirates, Little Guardians of the Cave of Bad Dreams, The Zombie Chickens and the Killer Caterpillers
  • Horrid Lorries as The Hoodlums
  • S.C.Ruffey as Serguei
  • Cranky as Gumzi The Child King of the Knaaren
  • Arry, Bertram, Bert, and D261 as The Knaarens
  • The Chinese Dragon as Fire Monster (Reflux turns into a Fire Monster after he says "Give me your power!")
  • Sir Topham Hatt a.k.a. The Fat Controller as the Narrator
  • and more

My Thomas/Last of the Summer Wine Parody cast

  • Henry as Compo
  • Edward as Clegg
  • Toby as Seymour
  • Daisy as Ivy
  • Madge as Nora
  • Gordon as Foggy
  • James as Blamire
  • Duck as Sid
  • Whiff as Stuart
  • Salty as Wesly Uncle Bride
  • Stanley as Luther Hobbo Hobdyke
  • Oliver as Alvin Smedley
  • BoCo as Entwistle Funny
  • and more

My Thomas/Rainbow Parody cast

  • James as Zippy
  • Percy as Geroge
  • Henry as Bungle
  • Edward as Geoffrey Hayes
  • Oliver as Rodger Walker
  • Murdoch as Rod Burton
  • Emily as Jane Tucker
  • Thomas as Freddy Marks
  • Molly as Sophie Aldred
  • Rosie as Cleo

My Thomas/Doctor Who Parody cast

  • Donald/Douglas, Edward, Oliver, Duck, Percy, Henry and Toby as The Doctors
  • Emily as Rose Tyler
  • Molly as Sarah Jane Smith
  • James as Mickey Smith
  • Gordon as Captain Jack Harkness
  • Elizabeth as Lady as Cassandra
  • Lady as Martha Jones
  • Spencer as Vincent van Gough
  • Thomas as Roary
  • Rosie as Amy
  • Mavis as Donna Noble (Mavis is being mean to Edward and Donna Noble is being mean to the 10th Doctor)
  • Diesel as The Last Dalek
  • Diesel 10 as Davros
  • Dennis as Dalek Caan
  • Hector as the Supreme Dalek
  • The Spiteful Breakvan as Dalek
  • D261 as The Master

My Thomas/Steptoe and Son Parody cast

  • James as Harold
  • Sir Handel as Albert
  • and more

My Thomas/The Wind in the Willows Parody cast

  • Douglas as Mole
  • Donald as Ratty
  • Duck as Badger
  • Oliver as Toad
  • Stepney as Billy Rabbit
  • Edward as Ernest
  • Emily as Georgina
  • Toby as Auberon Mole
  • Stanley as Thomas
  • Diesel as The Jailer
  • Rosie as The Jailer's Daughter
  • Troublesome Trucks as The Weasels
  • S.C.Ruffey as The Cheif Weasel
  • The Spiteful Breakevan as The Weasel Henchmen
  • Narrow Gauge Trucks as The Other Weasels
  • Mavis as Ms. Carring Moss
  • Smudger as The Clerk
  • Bulgy as The Policeman
  • Dennis as Alfred
  • Daisy as The Fat Bargewoman
  • Spencer as Reggie
  • Madge as Rosemary
  • George as Isambard 'Bilbone' Toad
  • Lady as Alice

My Thomas/The Trap Door Parody cast

  • Splatter as Berk
  • Dodge as Drutt
  • Fergus as Bonie
  • and more

And all of my Thomas Parodies Collection

  • Thomas/Monty Python
  • Thomas/TUGS
  • Thomas/Transformers G1
  • Thomas/Ed, Edd 'N' Eddy
  • Thomas/Mr. Men
  • Thomas/A Town called Panic
  • Thomas/Trap Door
  • Thomas/Care Bears

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