Nemo Throws a Tantrum (A Finding Nemo, Fraggle Rock, Barney & Friends Sesame Street and Muppets Crossover)

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  • Narrator: Nemo Kermit Nigel Marlin Barney Big Bird Elmo Gobo and Red go to video Store
  • Nigel: May have Barney's Musical Scrapbook 2003 DVD
  • Kermit: May have Cyberchase Sphears of Fears 2007 DVD
  • Nemo and Deb: DVD's at Home
  • Peach: Kermit NNNNNOOOOO
  • Gill: Deb Nemo and Kermit SSSSTTTTOOOOPPPP
  • Bubbles: Where's Kermit?
  • Peach Deb and Bubbles: There's Kermit
  • Kermit Peach Deb and Bubbles: Watch Barney Musical Scrapbook 2003
  • Nemo: Watch Cyberchase Sphears of Fears 2007

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