By-law #22 - New Explorative Operations affiliate

  1. New Explorative Operations (NEO) is an affiliate of Bravo Fleet, the storyline is set around 2293 set around the movie Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, better known as The Motion Picture (TMP) era.
    1. The goal of New Explorative Operations is to provide a mature writing environment that takes what is best about Trek, acknowledges the success of darker themes in Star Trek, other television shows, and the real world. We further aim to add to parts of Trek's galaxy that were never properly explored onscreen; we also strive to achieve filling in the gaps of the era that were never spoken of.
    2. In addition to providing a simming environment for our players, New Explorative Operations allows for writing of fiction as part of New Explorative Operations canon and to keep the New Explorative Operations story moving.
  2. New Explorative Operations is moderated by an entity known as New Explorative Operations’ Command Staff. The command staff is typically made up of the Fleet Commanding Officer, Fleet Executive Officer, Fleet Chief of Staff and any Task Group Commanding Officers as well as any Fleet Advisors. The number of command staff members varies depending on the makeup of the fleet at the time.
    1. The current New Explorative Operations Fleet Commanding Officer is Vice Admiral Remna Morkan who can be reached via email at neo[at]bravofleet[dot]org, he shall represnt NEO on the Bravo Fleet Admiralty.
    2. The line of succession for New Explorative Operations is through the normal chain of command following the FXO, then the FCoS and so forth. However, a departing FCO also has the right to name a successor other then their FXO which supersedes the normal chain of command for the line of succession. If this person is unable, or unwilling to take over New Explorative Operations then the NEO Command Staff will make the decision on who will be the next New Explorative Operations Fleet Commanding Officer.
    3. If the New Explorative Operations CO is unavailable, contact can be made with New Explorative Operations by emailing either the FXO or FCoS and at least one member of the command staff will be available to respond to the Bravo Fleet Admiralty.
  3. New Explorative Operations is not subject to the Bravo Fleet Judge Advocate General.
  4. New Explorative Operations Command Staff is the primary group responsible for creating enforcing rules within New Explorative Operations. The NEO Bylaws can be found here.
    1. Per Article II.3.2 of the Bravo Fleet constitution, members of NEO "have the same rights and responsibilities as BF players" in general, however certain BF player rights are not applicable in NEO. Specifically:
      1. Notwithstanding BF Constitutition III.1.2, some BF by-laws are specific to BF core and therefore are not applied at all to members of NEO
      2. Notwithstanding BF Constitutition III.1.1 and III.1.14, NEO and its players are not directly subject to BF JAG.
      3. Notwithstanding BF Constitutition III.1.10, NEO has canon distinct from Bravo Fleet and operates in a parallel universe. Therefore BF canon changes to not apply to the NEO universe and vice versa.
      4. Notwithstanding BF Constitutition III.1.3, NEO has a separate chain of command from Bravo Fleet
  1. This by-law is deemed to have taken effect at the same time as the new constitution in June 2006.
  1. Special thanks goes to Futility‘s End and the FECO for permission to duplicate their by-law and rules for use within NEO.

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